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P3D v4 How to Remove ORBX shoreline and land to match foto-ground image of SAWH

Hello forum, I think this might be the right place to get started on this with SBuilderX

I made the fotoground for SAWH with FSEarthTiles, and are pretty far along with the ADE file using ADEP. I'm at the point now where I need to remove the ORBX Vector and Landclass South America land that is peaking through in some areas of the fotoground as shown in the pics below. I've included a picture of the default SAWH with the ORBX Vector and Landclass SA, the Globabl airport SAWH from ORBX is already disabled.

I think SBuilder is the tool I want, s did various searches here in FSD and found a tutorial linked repeatedly that I downloaded from AVSIM called "terrain_design_for_flight_simulator_x". I installed SBuilderX315, then I drew an "Exclude all terrain items" vector poly (inner poly in the SBuilder pic), with a larger "Hydro Generic Ocean Perennial" vector poly around it (outer poly in the SBuilder pic). The results in the sim did not change anything. So I think maybe I'm missing something.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • SAWH Project so far.JPG
    SAWH Project so far.JPG
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  • SAWH Default APT with ORBX GL&V&LCSA.jpg
    SAWH Default APT with ORBX GL&V&LCSA.jpg
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  • SAWH R25 Shore and water.jpg
    SAWH R25 Shore and water.jpg
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  • SAWH R07 Shore and water.jpg
    SAWH R07 Shore and water.jpg
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Hi! That is an outstanding project you have!

I had to do the same thing in my project as well. I had to remove the post-eruption ORBX/Default scenery around Mount St. Helens. This was achieved with an exclude rectangle to remove all existing shorelines, road data, etc to achieve my end goal. You can do that via the Exclude tool in SBuilderX. It will bring up a tool that will allow you to draw a rectangle in the area in which to exclude your ORBX stuff.

For me, I chose the "All Objects" selection box in the list that appears since I was eliminating everything in a 230 square-mile area and starting from scratch. This included realigning the Spirit Lake contour to its pre-eruption data and reestablishing the pre-1980 Highway 504 alignment.

A word of warning... You will likely want to replicate your shoreline using a series of segmented lines around your project, then adjust the attributes of that line under the "Properties" dialog of that line. You'll need to do this because once you exclude the ORBX stuff, you'll lose the wave effect. Under the "Vector Lines" tab of the properties dialog, select "Shorelines Generic Ocean" or ""Ocean Bank Surf."

(for mine, I chose "Shorelines Generic Lake".)

Once you've done that, go into the "General" tab of that line's properties dialog and then experiment with the "Reverse" button a couple times to get the waves to show up on the right side.

It'll take a few test compiles and back-and-forth restarts of FSX to do this, but worth it in the end.


A Exclude Rectangle compiled by SDK BGLComp is able to eliminate Effects (including "waves"), but not CVX vector lines and/or land class polygons, etc..

http://www.prepar3d.com/SDK/Environment Kit/BGL Compiler SDK/Compiling BGL.html#ExclusionRectangle

To "remove all existing shorelines, road data, etc.", one must use a terrain polygon, which is a CVX vector object compiled by SDK SHP2VEC.

http://www.prepar3d.com/SDK/Environment Kit/Terrain SDK/Terrain and Scenery.html#The Shp2Vec Tool

http://www.prepar3d.com/SDK/Environment Kit/Terrain SDK/Terrain and Scenery.html#Vector Attributes


Alternatively one may 'cover up' default and/or 3rd party addon CVX vector lines and/or land class polygons, etc. with custom photo-real imagery land class.

Custom photo-real imagery land class using aerial / satellite imagery from ex: FSET ...is compiled by SDK Resample.

You may wish to review Luis Feliz-Tirado's tutorials:

Terrain Design


File Description:
Terrain Design for Flight Simulator X

This simple illustrated document explains the basic concepts in Flight Simulator X terrain, and how to change them using SBuilder for FS X. Make new water bodies, roads, vehicle traffic, airport flattens, remove autogen, add more detail - anybody can do it easily and quickly.
My most sincere apologies - I am unable, for lack of free time, to offer support of any kind. For questions or problems, please post in the Avsim scenery design forum.

Filename: terrain_design_for_flight_simulator_x.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 14th December 2009, 13:29:15
Downloads: 16648
Author: Luis Feliz-Tirado
Size: 3991kb


To make more accurate FS scenery, you are likely to also encounter these topics at some point as well:

Make photo-real ground textures


File Description:
It is very easy to create your very own high-resolution, custom (photo-real) ground textures. This document explains the concepts and techniques and illustrates the use of SBuilderX with which you can quickly and easily download aerial images and make this type of scenery. So, why hesitate? Make Flight Simulator scenery as real as it gets! Very sorry - no support of any kind is offered. Please do not write. For any questions, please post in the Avsim Scenery Design Forum.

Filename: make_photo-real_ground_textures_in_fs_x.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 21st November 2009, 23:20:06
Downloads: 17714
Author: Luis Feliz-Tirado
Size: 2143kb

How to create photoreal scenery for FSX

Using the Autogen Annotator


File Description:
The Autogen Annotator is a powerful tool for modifying the autogen of default ground textures or adding autogen to custom (photo-real) ground. This document illustrates the use of the tool, and includes a pictorial guide to all autogen object types. Very sorry - no support of any kind is offered. Please do not write. For any questions, please post in the Avsim Scenery Design Forum.

Filename: using_the_autogen_annotator_264833.zip
License: Freeware
Added: 21st November 2009, 16:18:51
Downloads: 4220
Author: Luis Feliz-Tirado
Size: 8930kb


You may also wish to review at least the first few pages of this (long) very informative thread by Tiberius et al:


Hope this helps with the learning process on this topic. :)

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Hmph. Interesting...

IIRC when I was doing my initial design of the Mount St. Helens project I ended up having to use an exclude rectangle to remove everything, because the Highway 504 alignment by ORBX and the current Spirit Lake shoreline wouldn't go away unless I did. I had issues where the pre-eruption shoreline I'd done in SBuilder showed up as an inset contour of the pre-eruption lake profile, while the rest of the post-eruption lake still showed through.

May have to duplicate that again and temporarily remove my exclude.bgl file to test that out.