How to remove terminal from the airport?


I`m trying to make scenery for my EPGD airport.
I`ve made taxiways etc. in FSXPlanner.
I`ve made elevation.
I`ve made effects.

And now I have a problem. I want to completely replace all the buildings on the airport. But I don`t know how to remove default terminal and other buildings. Their aren`t in the default airport xml file I`m working on and their are still in the simulation. Can you just tell me what should I use? Annotator? Shp2Vec? And how to put my own buildings (but not by Placement Tool, because I want to make automatic installation of my scenery in the future)?

No SHP2VEC exclusions are useful only for autogen buildings.
You need a XML exclusion (ie compiled with bglcomp) against airport terminals.
Yeah, it works! :)

I`ve just excluded all the objects and put another library object for test and now it`s the only object in the scenery.

Btw, if I`m going to add my own object created in 3dsmax do I must add it to the library and give it a GUID?