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Blender How to use PBR in blender for one object in MSFS2020

Ok I am somewhat stumped. I have made a texture and using materialize gotten a somewhat decent normal out of it. It is one object i manually unwrapped and then painted the UV layout so each wall is one surface. See attached.
How would i combine PBRs in this image? Make multiple objects for the one building and have seperate sets of PBRs for each object. if i have only 3 materials that could be six or even 12 texture maps and I have five materials counting the windows. Just the bricks would involve an albedo, normal and then the combo metal one RGB. Then another set for the roof and then another set for the wood panels. That is a lot of resources for one building. Surely all those bldgs in MSFS and/or custom airports are not done this way! It seems so simple to just uv unwrap and paint a building, but even then it is quite time cosuming and makes those building tools useless for pbr, if I am correct. Anyone feel like cluing me in?




Vertex Paint could be your solution. Pretty much you paint your faces of the same color (if they are sharing the same texture) exported to FBX, Bake an ID Map (Vertex Color selected) paint them using masks, export them as one Albedo/Metal/Normal map.
And you will get 1 set of A/M/N for building.
Forst things first, what workflow are you using?

1. Everything in blender - > MSFS
2. Blender -> substance painter -> blender -> msfs

If you have 1. Take a look at "blender bake textures"
Then you learn how to make 1. Texture set out of multiple materials in blender that have different textures assigned.
Blender, gimp (to dress textures) blender to msfs with normal and albedo. i Want to find a way to make half a wall brick and the other half wood. Not two half walls (with their own textures) stacked on top of each other.