HSI Mask Images

High there,
actually I have to state that I am not a professional Programmer of FS Parts, I only try to edit Gauges and Panels by the useage of high quality 3D Images where I remodel Parts to get an real look in the Flightdeck :)
But I have a real problem with this mask images of HSI and Att Indicator. So if I edit them the Gauges are corrupt and not properly showing or working.
Is ther someone who can help me or has a bit time to have a look onto them?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards Nico
A better way to get help for your question is to post the original mask image as an attachment, then tell us what you did to it (what program and steps etc.). Then post your "final" image that is messed up along with a picture of the results.

Remember, RGB BLACK (0,0,0) "looks" just like RBG MASK (1,1,1), so you have to make sure that mask areas and transparent areas are correct. Some use Alpha, so you may want to read up on how to do alpha with whatever program you are using.