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all vehicles are in the sim, groundpoly is done, tomorrow I will start with the Terminal 1 interior modelling and the texturing of some remaining buildings around the airport itself. Then night texturing and some finetunig (PBR, LOD-adjustments etc.) will start...should not take too long to complete the project now.

Here are some recent in-sim-screenshots. Of course completely unedited as usual.






The airport looks very realistic. I know Hurghada very well. As it looks like it can not take much longer until the release. Maybe in November. Keep it up
What a magnificent job! A must buy for sure. I really like that you do some unique airports that are so far really unaccounted for in flightsims Jetman.
should not take too long to complete the project now.
Nice, looking forward to the release, will be a great winter destination (hopefully :cool:)!

Are Hamburg (EDDH) and Münster/Osnabrück (EDDG) still on your list as the next ones?
First try with PBR...the markings look nice but the concrete and asphalt is way too shiny in the first images. Is there any way to control the intensity of the reflections?



PBR is now done and improved -as you can see below:


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Night lightning is done (just missing a couple of placed dynamic lights and some "glow" effect around the lightpoles).
Tomorrow I will add the animated traffic on apron and parkinglots, than work is done and HRG can go into beta testing. :cool:
This time approx. 7 month after starting the project. Not bad when considering that I have a regular job besides least I am happy with the time spent on HRG.

I hope thet you like the images as much as I do.





Good work. I can not wait any longer. @ Jetman. Will there be a photo wallpaper and objects like hotels etc? I'm in the process of creating a photo wallpaper for myself and the upcoming Hurghada Scenery with Ortho2XP. Together this should look really good


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You are very fast Jetman you must know well the keyboard shortcuts of 3DS and PS
In any case very beautiful as usual

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The airport could still have one or the other static plane. Are you still doing ground traffic into the package?
But either way. That looks very atmospheric!