I Goofed Big Time

I just spent 40 hours + making an airport in Italy in 1944 for a B-24 base. I created it from scratch on an image of the airfield. I set the latitude and longitude I thought correctly as North/West when in fact it was North and East so now when I compiled it it ends up in the Aegean Sea. I am allowed to change the Longitude from W to E in Airport Properties and save it but when I open it with the same name all I get is the pink dot reference none of my work though the work is listed all 120 parking spaces etc. HELP. How can I change the old airport in the 15 degree West to 15 degree East and still keep all my work

Even if your ADE *.AD4 project file has issues that require troubleshooting, you can salvage all of your scenery if you:

* Configure ADE to use Decimal Degree Geographic coordinate format, then (re-)compile your airport to BGL(s).

Next, save a copy of your compiled BGL(s) output by ADE in a *.ZIP file for archival safekeeping to keep them from being over-written.

You can extract a copy of the BGL(s) inside the *.ZIP into a work folder somewhere separate from where ADE had written them.

Those BGLs in the work folder can then be decompiled via BGL2XML and the source code edited in a text editor using Find and Replace to remove the (-) character from the Longitude Geographic coordinate Degree string.

The edited source files can then be recompiled using SDK BGLCOMP.

CVX vector BGLs would require a slightly different workflow using cvxExtractor to decompile to ESRI *.SHP, SBuilderX to Append those *.SHP source files, correct Geographic coordinates, verify intended scenery output attributes, and (internally) recompile to CVX vector BGLs via SDK SHP2VEC.

The above would be a 'fail safe' option which could be used in the event that you are otherwise unable to fully reconfigure and resume using your ADE *.AD4 file.

Hope this helps if one of the 'ADE team' is not ready / willing / able ...to help you resume using your ADE *.AD4 file. :)



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Changing the coordinates of the airport reference point does not change the location of the airport. if you have a ProKey then you can use the Move Airport function to move everything to a new location.