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I need a little aid...

Island problem:

I want to redesign an island in means of the Rio de la Plata (near Buenos Aires).

To a folder of Google Earth I add three poligons: The contour of the Island, the contour of the airport and a forest.

After generating bgl and adding it to the scenery, the river disappears. The water is transformed into the Earth.

What is wrong? what I am making bad? what thing is the one that I do not understand?

I must complete the space of the QMID with water (hydro polys)?

Please, look at the capture... and help me, please!

Thanks very much.

Best Regards


(sorry for my poor english...)


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Move your excludes to the very top of the kml file.
Make sure you exclude the water all around the island.

Then create a new water poly to fill back in the removed water.

Then put in your island poly. (PolygonHole)

Then put in your airport poly.

Then whatever other polys you need.


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The other thing to remember too is that polygon holes are associated with the preceding polygon.

So if your polygon hole is for an island then you need to associate it with a water polygon.

Like Mace said put in a water polygon and then immediately after the water polygon put your polygon hole.
I am trying just the same with the Pearl Archipelago in Panama but have a few questions having read this wonderful thread.

Some of my islands have kind of wide patches of sandy coast on one part and a regular shoreline on other parts of the island, then there is a forest and a housing area and the airport. How do I go about emulating this on the KML thing? should I first draw the countour of the island, then countour the airport and forest? what about the wide white sand beach patches? do I have to create a poly for that? or is it just a line with the "white sandy shoreline" attribute?

Help would be greatly appreciated, I have been struggling with this for the past day and a half.:eek:

Please see http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?p=40530&posted=1#post40530 where in my 2nd reply I post both the BGL, the KML and what I want to do. It still does not work :(
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In the first place, thank you very much all those that helped me and they guided me to make this work. As a constribución it wanted to offer the archives to them sources so that they can use it of example, if it is that it is to them from some utility.

Best Regards and thank very much



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