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I Would Like to Start Flying Flight Simulator X

Hello to everyone,

I would really like to start flying Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

I have a computer running on XP, and another computer running on Windows 7 Pro.

Is there any particular version of FSX I should purchase? If so, could you please tell me where I can purchase it from?

Also, is this one of the best places to purchase aircraft for the sim?


I am really excited to finally start flying this great sim.

Thank you,

Hi Delta.

This is a developer website, and as such, questions about flight simming is better directed to websites for end-users, rather than developers.
I would suggest you visit https://www.avsim.com/forums/
Is there any particular version of FSX I should purchase?
FSX is a over 10 years old game, and no longer supported from MS. A newer game is FSX-SE, which works better then the originally FSX.
In the meantime there is a new Version based on FSX named P3D. It special works with 64 bits then 32 bits at the old FSX.
Your question where to buy (old) FSX - only second hand shops like ebay or amazon.
I would pick P3Dv4 instead of FSX. It's based on the same game engine and is compatible with many FSX aircraft, plus it runs a lot more smoothly and is still actively supported.
I would run your simulator on Windows 7.

I would make sure you have like 16 Gigs of RAM and a graphics card with at least 1.5 to 2+ GB of VRAM
Regular RAM is cheap these days. Your graphics card should be DX11 capable. Not a DX10 card. DX11. Mind you, if you run regular FSX (not Steam) then you will need (I think) a DX10 graphics card (or GC for short).

And like Turbo says... Try Prepar3D V4. Its state of the art. Its been improving for years and years. Its far superior to FSX. Its like FSX Mark 4+. It has things that are so amazing. But it doesnt have a lot of the default planes that FSX has. It has new ones though.

You can 'demo' Prepar3D V4 via the Developer option of '1 month only purchase of $10.00 USD.

I hope that helps. Its amazing how far the simulators have come. You will be amazed. Just use a good computer. A computer that is 15 years old is not going to do it. Use a modern computer. ;)