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ICAOsearch Function in fs9gps

I have been trying to get this function working and using Bob McElrath's excellent manual. I have found however that it does not work as expected and wonder if this problem is known:

1. The IcaoSearchInitialIcao if blank will load the first Facility in the database initially and display. If this variable is loaded with an Icao the loaded Icao will be retrieved initially (before entering a new Icao). This is not really a problem.

2. When entering a new ICAO code by any method (even moving in XML):
a. when entering the first digit a list of Facilities starting with the character is retrieved
b. when entering the second character the same thing happens and a list of Icaos starting with the two characters is retrieved
c. when the third character is entered only the first facility starting with the 3 characters is retrieved and the full ident of the facility retrieved appears in IcaoSearchCurrentIdent. e.g. if you enter LSG the code LSGC will come up but there are many airports starting with LSG.
d. If you type a fourth character the facility typed will come up - e.g. in the example above if you then type "G" over the"C" then LSGG will be retrieved
e. if you then backspace it will display "LSG" but nothing will be retrieved

This behaviour is the same in the Garmin GPS 500 so is not peculiar to my gauge

Does anyone know if there is any way around this?

G. Munro
Uh, that's how the real world Garmin functions, which is what this is supposed to behave like.
The Garmin may well function this way and in fact only displays one Facility anyway so it does not matter but the ICAOSearch function is supposed to return a list of Facilities but only returns one after keying more than two characters. I would like to know if there is any way around this although I doubt there is. Has it been fixed perhaps in Steam edition or P3D?
G. Munro