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FSX Iceland revisited - terrain scenery


I lived for over 10 years in Iceland and fell in love with that island so much that I have done some sceneries on that region. Now here is the newest which I still call beta, but it is pretty much what the final version will be.
This scenery is based on data provided by National land survey of Iceland

I think I still have to create some waterfall-effects and Geysir, but here is a list what is included.

Freeware scenery for whole Iceland.
  • Accurate coastlines
  • Mosaic land class and water class
  • Vector land class
  • Roads and utility lines
  • Mesh scenery
  • Corrected airfields. FSX default data is quite old. (The biggest airports included. I need some more time to add all those landing strips for Bush pilots)
  • Aeronautical ground lights (Lighthouses that AIP lists, but only the light, no 3D buildings at least yet)
  • An early version of Vestmannaeyjar (BIVM) photo scenery.





Reykjavík area
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I just made a futurist hotel slowly flying around Iceland (4 days journey). In my ReadMe I add and recommand your scenery. Do you have a final project?

P.S. Are you accordionist?


It looks kool!!! ;) Any progress report on this one? It definitely looks much better than Orbx free demo...
Nice work! I'd like to add this to my sceneries when the bush strips are finished. I hope it is still being worked on.
Since ORBX Iceland, I haven't been working on this at all. I think I made quite a many bush strips already, but not all of them. Do you really think it would make sense to continue with this scenery?
Yes it would! And then rework all the airports ofcourse. The Aerosoft ones are bit simple and outdated. :rolleyes:
I downloaded it yesterday and it looks very fine. Some things are to do with ADE but it looks much better as default!!

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Hi all!

I have worked/updated Iceland the last days... or actually weeks.

Any Icelanders willing to help me with photos and testing?

I have updated all the landing strips and airports listed in AIP, and it is kind of endless fuss with Reykjavik and Keflavik.... all the time changing.
The last things I just made were Lead in lights for BIRK, BIAR and BIHN. The last two have nice curved approaches.

And I modeled Perlan... even though I say it myself, I think it is the most accurate model to date...

Other updated things for whole country are mesh (19m if I remember correctly), very accurate forests, Iceland highland, glaciers, new LandClass and updated roads. I also made a course model of Straumsvik, with it's almost 900m long buildings it's kind of big.... :)

This is a very big but also really great project and what you have created so far looks fantastic. I will keep my fingers crossed for your future work and will follow the development here in a strained way.
I have been considering doing Keflavik BIKF scenery... and did the lighting system using SODE module already... There is nothing "new" actually, but I think the custom lighting looks better.

Then I want to show you some nature beauties...

Geysir airstrip is closed, but hey, this is sim... why not....

Geysir or actually what I modelled is called Strokkur
And summerhouses... I think there are about 12000 cabins that I added to the whole country. So far default FSX cabin models, but easily customised...


Þórsmörk is magical in real life... and it actually looks pretty good in sim too....



Resource contributor
Oddly enough, I kind of can't wait for the release. It's an island, it's big and you can go anywhere from it.
I'm also curious how it'll look with the Terra Emergence Project ground textures.
The textures yes..... That is one thing in Iceland. It is very difficult country to do, because there are simply too few suitable Land Classes for all the special terrain in Iceland. I was planning to do some sets of custom land classes, but most of the aerial photomaterial (for free) is black and white. I think I could colorise some more lava textures or so, but we'll see. Kind of many things going on.... :eek:
If Keflavik is even remotely similar to your Rovaniemi I will be a very happy man. Much appreciation for your work!
Thank you. At the moment there are not many things modelled in Keflavik. But all this modelling is a life long learning process... so what I would do to Keflavik scenery would of course be done better than in Rovaniemi. I think I have learned to do better models.

I have not much material for KEF, except basic "airport obejcts" that can be done. (Signs, lights etc.) But I modelled the old NATO fighter aircraft shelters...




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