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P3D v4 ILS Ident

I am doing a small airport scenery, I noticed a wrong ILS ident in stock Airport and I want to change it. I was created a new ILS for both sides of runway with properly ident from current charts and after that I went to P3D for testing. In P3Dv4 I have a double ILS - wrong old and corrected new one. This problem shows only in P3Dv4, this airport in v5 was corrected and stock airport is good. Do you have any suggestion what I must to do in order to it works properly?
Assuming your are using ADE, you can select the stock ILS green arrow (turns orange) and press Delete. This should Orphan the ILS, and allow your ILS to be the only one properly aligned with the runway and have the correct frequency. The stock ILS will be assigned to a different (fake) runway, assigned a different frequency, and move it a little ways away from the airport. It will still be there, but unusable.
yes it is, this only happens if the stock and new (from third-party scenary) ILS ID are different.
if the identifiers are the same, then there will be no duplicate, only third-party ILS will be shown ;)
but unfortunately this does not work with other nav aids, we have to endure duplicates for a long time, but still I hope the guys from LM will fix this long-broken SDK function: