I'm working on aircraft... (2019)

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The idea of this thread is that you can use it to announce that you are working on an aircraft. Just to let other developers know that this aircraft or livery is in development. That way hopefully we won't work on the same addons without knowing it.

If you want to show the work in progress of your aircraft, please create a separate thread in the showroom forum for it. Do not use this thread to post a lot of screenshots.


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Sometimes you just have to spend the house-keeping to get a good functional' pretty peace of sim kit to k
Keep the experience going.
I'm working on a 737-800 NGX + MAX
what you see in this images took me just 3 days to make if you find this inntresting let me know
the 737-800 has fully functional swiches and displays inc the max displays with custom scripts
here is a showcase of what i ahve done so far and does not showcase the last stage all objects are subjected to change in the near future and i migth release this as payware near summer NOTE: ALL OBJECTS ARE JUS TPLACEHOLDERS THEY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE SHITTY WINDOWS AND SEATS AND YOKES AND MANY OF THE BUTTONS! :)
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Just a general update on the RF-8G Crusader project - due to time constraints, this is now an update to the Alphasim F8-E Crusader. I have also discovered a great new way to produce awesome night lighting in older VCs, for which a tutorial has been submitted here. It should hopefully be available before long. The RF-8G will be released within a few weeks now.

Update log: Bump maps for fuselage, remodeled camera-bay and refueling probe section, light maps for VC, new textures, exterior details added to VC for greater realism in Virtual Reality.
RF-8G Crusader.jpg
Hello avion I like your model q 5 Chinese I like to fly it in fsx do you have complete it . as I have constructed jf 17 for fsx it will be available soon for fsx
Do you also consider a true AI version? That would be greatly appreciated.

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