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I'm working on aircraft... (2021)


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The idea of this thread is that you can use it to announce that you are working on an aircraft. Just to let other developers know that this aircraft or livery is in development. That way hopefully we won't work on the same addons without knowing it.

If you want to show the work in progress of your aircraft, please create a separate thread in the showroom forum for it. Do not use this thread to post a lot of screenshots.
Canadair CL-44J and Deutsche Aircraft D328eco for FS2004


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The queen, as AI Aircraft.
This is part of my project to have intemporal AI activity for Madagascar (everything from past, present and future, all in one)


Yes, we have FAIB (which is wonderful), and yes we have AIA (which is venerable and I still use tons of repaints) - (and PAI and FSP aswell, but I dont use them anymore)
But I need the 747-200 (despite the picture suggesting a SUD) with a specific type of engine : the Pratt & Withney JT9D-70A :


^^ those engines. Only Sky Spirit (Project Opensky/Hiroshi) has modeled those as flyable. There were only 8 747-200B frames equipped with those beasts, and Air Madagascar was one of them (from the start to the end).

The IRIAF livery is just a test to get the belly shape right; maybe someday I'll get some "odd" Queen variants aswell (that would undoubtly fall in the "Retro" stuff). But no promises on what is not currently decided.

I love this bird so much, especially the classics ones.

EDIT : Forgot details ;
Target SIM : FSX (maybe FS9 - why no P3D ? I don't own that sim)
Target Polycount : 11000. <- really ? yes, really.
No LODs : 3 or 4.
I have no info on drawcalls because it's not yet fully modelled/animated.
The Maule looks amazing, very detailed. This has been one of my favorite planes from FS9 and FSX and it deserves to be in MSFS 2020 too!

I also started to build an M7. I have the virtual cockpit filled in almost completely. All the instruments and controls are already animated and coded up in the XML. I need to complete the avionics and a few more gauges and the full PBR texturing.

I would be happy to share any of the work I have if that makes things any easier for you. I don't know your intentions for how you intend to release your project, but if you are interested in using any parts of my model and code, you can contact me and I will send you all my in-progress files or offer any assistance.

This is not intended to discourage anyone from making a proper flying boat lol. But since I am not seeing any of this breed coming in the near future I set out to make one myself if I am able to get it into the game eventually. Still at the bloody beginning though.