I'm working on scenery... (2019)

Hi FS developer !
A quick post just to tell you about our next Albysim Scenery Design projects. All sceneries below will be released in a FS2004 only version.

1) Milan Malpensa LIMC mega upgrade (based on the ISD 2005 scenery layout) > expected release before the end of 2020

2) Ship project (ships of various types would be positioned to revive the lonely and desert european seas of FS9) > expected release between autumn 2020 / spring 2021

3) Bergamo LIME (update to the last new terminal exstension) > possibile project but not confermed yet

We hope that no other developer is already working on these projects (if so please let us know)

Alby & Team
Im working on Few Indonesian Airport such as :
-WIJJ (Sultan Thaha Jambi)
-WAPP (Pattimura Ambon)

And Also International Airport such as :
-KGYY(Chicago Gery)
-WMKI(Sultan Azlan Shah Ipoh)
Very early work on the ground poly for Moline Quad-Cities (KMLI). Fun to try and figure out the new things in Blender 2.8...
download (1).png