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I'm working on scenery... (2024)


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The idea of this thread is that you can use it to announce that you are working on a scenery. Just to let other developers know that an airport, city or region is in development. That way hopefully we won't work on the same addons without knowing it.

If you want to show the work in progress of your scenery, please create a separate thread in the showroom forum for it. Do not use this thread to post a lot of screenshots.
Happy New Year everyone!!!

Started in late 2021, I've been able to resurrect it in late 2023n after I've been able to achieve a first Release with "MNLP".
The Project is still verry early, I still have a lot to do ;) and slow develpement as I'm learning too
Project Guyane - Grand Santi "Elie CASTOR" Airport (SOGS)



Hello everyone!

Finally I'm feeling confident to go ahead and officially admit that I have spent way more time than what would be consider a "sane amount" creating my very first (and probably only) project for MSFS. For 10 years, I've been wanting to give my local airfield the representation it deserves, since it's the womb of my entire aviation career. So here we go...

Freeware for EDKB Bonn-Hangelar, Germany.

Bonn-Hangelar Airfield, situated in the picturesque region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Originally established in 1913 as a military airfield, it played a significant role during both World Wars, serving as a strategic hub for German aviation. Following World War II, the airfield underwent extensive reconstruction and was repurposed for civilian use, becoming a vital center for general aviation and flight training. Throughout its history, Bonn-Hangelar Airfield has evolved into a bustling aviation facility, fostering a vibrant community of pilots, enthusiasts, and aviation professionals. Today, it continues to serve as a key landmark in the region, offering a gateway to the skies for both recreational and commercial aviation pursuits.

Features for the project will (eventually) include:
- Fully modelled airside & landisde of the civilian part of the airfield
- Fully modelled airside of the federal police apron, including animated gate entry point
- Dynamic changing of signs and other stuff by environmental factors
- Custom night lighting
- Custom animations such as windsocks etc.
- Entirely custom ground texture works
- Custom (removable) static aircraft
...and more.

I've placed the first cube for this project in Blender almost exactly 2 years ago not knowing anything about scenery design in MSFS. But after reading what felt like 10k posts in here and watching a lifetime worth of SDK videos, I felt the urge to try. And I don't regret it at all [At this point I'd like to thank the whole community, but especially Christian Bahr and the legend himself manu-design for their fantastic input). After letting it sit there for the entirety of 2023 (personal reasons), I picked it back up in January. Now I am hoping that the sources for material and R&D for the area of the German Federal Police will hold up to their word and help me out gathering the necessary pictures to complete that side of the airfield, too.

Here are a few shots - more and info to come soon at: scenery.hangar8.org