Image specs?

I am just experimenting with your autogen editor. It looks very nice and could be very useful in my scenery project. I do understand that it is in development and how much work it takes to create a tool like this. I have a question regarding a custom texture I created which I was going to use to experiment with some autogen trees. The texture is a 256 x 256 extended bitmapped image that displays in my scenery fine. It will not open in Autogen editor and I am just curious as to the format the image should be in to work. I can open other scenery texture images in the editor but cannot open my custom image. I thought it might be an opportunity to help you do some testing and to help me with my scenery project. Any tips as to the format I should be using for the scenery texture image?


Bob, glad the program is useful to you. Send me a copy of your bitmap file. My email is included in the program install pack. All the files I've worked on so far are DXT1 formatted .bmp files. In order to display the image I convert it using Martin Wright's MWGFX dlls and the routine I use for that is pretty comprehensive meaning it'll handle a ton of formats automatically. Even the name of the function - Any2bmps - gives you an idea of how versatile it is.

Art Martin
Ok, I emailed you the misbehaving texture last night. Thanks again for taking the time to look at it.

While sleeping last night it came to me that perhaps I need to upgrade the the latest dlls from Martin's website? I was pretty sure I had done that but will do so again just to be sure.

Ok, upgraded to Martin's latest DLLs and that did not do it either. Here is another clue, the textures show up when using the select from mosaic feature. All of my versions show up in the mosaic but when I select any of them the display is black in Autogen.
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