FSXA Importing Ground Poly bgl files into ADE?

I've created some ground polys using Sketchup and ModelConverterX output to a bgl file.

I'm seeing ground poly import in ADE but it is only .asm files. The "import BGL" function is not importing the ground polys (or at least they are not visible in FSX).

Any process suggestions for me to get the GP's in the airport bgl?




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Would converting the GP bgl files to xml and importing xml into ADE make a difference?
No. Since they are not based on XML code that is not practical. You might be able to decompile it to asm and then import that - Don is probably the best person to say if that is feasible


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Unless Arno has recently added a .bgl -> .asm, I know of no way to convert .

Are these really ground poys? (i.e., FS8 =style) or are they aprons or something else. (I've never used SketchUp.)

If they really are ground polys, already properly referenced (if not, you couldn't import them successfully anyway), just add the .bgl to your scenery folder. Why import them into ADE at all?



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Don, ModelConverterX can take 3D textured polygons from GMAX, FSDS, and Sketchup and convert them to FS8 ground polys.

I agree, if the ground polys already look OK no need to bring them into ADE.
True, Tom,
But the accurate placement in MCX is not as accurate as when you would be able to use ADE, and is a real PITA to place them correctly.
But maybe I am not up to it?
I've got the placement process down pretty well. My concerns are more organizational I suppose. It would be nice to have as few a files as possible. Or to be able to combine all the ground polys into one file (separate from the airport bgl).

They do appear to be fs8 style ground polys based on BGLAnalyzer.

Should I just not worry about it?


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If you want to integrate them, you've got some work to do. (Even if you could import them into ADE, you'd likely still have to tweak them.) If you do nothing, they will still work as is. I see nothing to worry about.

The project I'm working on is pretty big (KNLC NAS Lemoore). I'm almost done with it. The use of GP came later in the project.

Probably what I will do on the next one is plan my files a little better, doing some GP work in ADE and some in Sketchup. Keeping all the Sketchup polys in one file.


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The GPW doesn't save ASM files, only SCA files. And I also don't know a de compiler to go from BGL to ASM.

But you will end up with one BGL for the ground polygons anyway, whether you use GPW or ADE. So that doesn't really matter.

And if you use the google imagery as reference in SketchUp, it should be possible to get it aligned and positioned quite well in SketchUp already.
Thanks for the clarification, Arno. I am an old CAD/aerial mapping guy so using Sketchup with Google imagery was like going home :). The GPW brought several concepts together for me. Thanks all for the great tools and great advice.