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Importing model from MCX, but textures all black

Good morning.

I’ve tried to export a model from MCX into SketchUp 2017. I first exported from MCX using DAE format and then imported that file. First go at this I received a warning saying it couldn’t locate the required textures. I originally save the DAE file onto my desktop, so I copied and pasted the textures there and started over. No warning message, but the model is all back in SketchUp. As a side note, when I ignored the missing texture message, the model was all grey.

When I exported it back from SketchUp onto my desktop, the texture folder contained two bmp files, both of them all black named _auto_ and _auto_1.

Do I need to manually apply the textures in SketchUp?


Hi Colin:

You should not need to manually add the texture images in Sketchup, as they are already mapped onto the 3D model.

You may need to use MCX Material Editor to convert the mapped texture image Materials from *.DDS format to *.BMP, *.TIF, *.TGA, or *.PSD format and save that change into the *.MDL before export from MCX.

Once that is done, Sketchup should be able to import the 3D model and display its mapped texture image Materials.

If this is an object which can be downloaded as part of a FSDT airport in trial mode and/or the accompanying GSX package, please tell us which one it is, and an example of the workflow might be posted here. ;)

Awesome, Gary. Thank you !! That did the trick.

In your opinion, how much of a leap is it to go from building a static jetway to making one that is animated?
The complexity of one's project determines the complexity of the learning curve; MCX may already be able to animate simple ModelParts.

I suggest reading the SDK docs and existing threads on the topic, as well as studying decompiled default and 3rd party custom 3D models in MCX and/or a 3D modeling application such as Blender, GMAX/3DSMAX, FSDS etc. to see how animations are done in a worked example.