Inbound Major Problem

Hi again :wave: ,
Ive notice that thres a problem in FSflatten .
I selected my flattening area and the elevation , and exported it to bgl .
Now the problem is.. sometimes the bgl seems not to be working and sometimes working .
It works , when u load your fs near it .
It wont work , when u fly inbound . eg. flying around 10000meters from it .
well i know my explaination is not good.. maybe this pic will help u understand my problem.

Please help me asap , coz that is the only problem I have before i upload to avsim :duck:
Hard to answer to Your question, I didn't have such problem yet. But still, I want to ask You, do You build Your scenery with FSSC, Airport for Windows...? Maybe do You have source code for Your flatten BGL; look in the folder, where You have SCA files and check the one where Area16N is inside. This is the right source and I am curious about the header of the file, maybe is set to small? Also try to enlarge area of Your scenery in FSSC/Airport for Windows, maybe this will cure the problem.
Also, the next idea would be to make LWM flatten for the same area, like some sort of remeshing...

Maybe this will help You.

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Hi Jouvarn.

I think Goran is right. Whether the flatten is SCASM's Area16n or if it's an LWM flatten, it may have header bounds that are too small.