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FSXA Inconsistencies between KF animations in Blender vs FSX


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It's me again! :wave:

The pélicandrome model is coming along nicely, but I am facing a new issue : what I see in FSX animation-wise is not what I see in Blender.
For instance, the whole scenery slides between KF0 and KF30. Each individual model in Blender is KFed EVERY SINGLE FRAME between 0 and 30. I triple-checked that the interpolation mode is set to Linear to all KFs.
The animation runs as expected in Blender : everything slides at the same pace.
But ingame, the valve moves as if it still was in Beziers interpolation mode for example. The last hose carrier kind of "overruns" then gets back in place at the end of its stroke toward the plane (KF30 to KF75). The hose tender oversteps the hose. And so on.

I don't understand what could explain these inconsistencies between Blender and FSX. Should I only KF the really meaningful KF? Was the idea of KFing the whole movement a good one?
As always, any help will be much appreciated.



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Just an example with the whole scenery translation between KF0 and KF30.
KF set at 0, 15 and 30 for the filtering equipment. Linear interpolation.
KF set every KF for the hose itself. Linear interpolation.

The shape of the hose has no impact on its positioning relative to the filtering equipment.








I am puzzled...
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Thanks for the kind words, but I’d rather have a simpler ableit working animation to be honest. I think I kinda overshot my skills...

The model includes a single inverse kinematics animation (the hose extension), which is baked in the enclosed Blender file.
Does it make any sense to bake a non-IK animation?
I’ll give it a try.
Merci du tuyau!


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Wel no joy here. A few issues with what @Vitus suggests in the linked thread : I can not delete the bone armatures because of the skinned meshes. Vitus uses « normal« meshes so he can do without the bones. No bone in a skinned mesh means no animation at all.
Nevertheless, I baked all armature-related animation, without any success.

I am afraid I will have to reduce the animation complexity to get something working...


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Besides, the animation « overruns » are not restricted to armatures. The last hose carriage is faulty even if it is a simple mesh animation.
Puzzling deepening...