Inconsistent maximum number of gate assignments

Howdy y'all, long time no see.

I've spent .... a long time working on upgrading O'Hare's default airport to match what it is today (well more circa 2018). Only thing that's annoying me is that I can't have as many gate code assignments as I'd like to have, and even if I remove all the codes from one parking spot, I can't re-assign it to another spot elsewhere.

Not to mention I'll add a lot of parking spots, and in the end when compiling, ADE forces me to remove a lot of gate assignments from existing spots.

Is the maximum dependent on the number of existing spots in general and there's no way around it?

Ain't she pretty? I'm definitely uploading this on avsim for all to have once it's finished.

(also curious... is there a way to rename taxiways manually? I can't rename stuff to have double letters or even have a number sometimes... why is that?)


For some reason it's not the number of gates that will cause you to get a max parking code error. Rather any parking spot with an index above 255 will not be allowed to have any gate codes assigned.

What's weird is when spots which were ok at first turn out bad when compiling, and then I have to remove a chunk of gate codes... does ADE scramble indeces?