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The default installation is C:. However, I have all my airports on my E: Drive. What would be the proper path to install ADE? Would I have to un-install and start over. I can't open any files probably due to the path.
Yes and no. I tried to put it on my E: drive and it would not let me do so. When I went back to start over it didn't give me all the wizard options. Should it be installed on the C: drive in this instance? If so, does the wizard allow me to direct to the E: drive for edits to the airports?


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I am not sure what you are talking about.
  • First there is the location of the sims you have installed and the SDKs associated with them. They can be anywhere on your computer and provided you installed them correctly ADE will be able to find where they are via the Wizard. you need these to be correct to open stock airports
  • Second is the location of ADE itself. That can be in any drive on your computer
  • Third is the location you use to store ADE projects you are working on. Again you have a lot of flexibility in deciding where store then and where to compile them. You can set a default path for all projects or set them individually. ADE will default for you if you don't offer one and that is in the relevant projects folder in ADE.

This is the part of the wizard to find the paths to your simulator and SDK:


Click the Find button to have ADE look for the paths. Do it this way. ADE uses the registry. The only reason this will fail is if your installation is not correctly registered in the registry

This is the page in Settings you can use to define your default paths for saving projects, compiling and so on


You can see that ADE will suggest some depending on which version for the sim you are working with. You can set them differently if you wish. Just remember where they are

Finally, and this is for advanced users, You can set project specific paths. These only apply to that project



To keep it simple install ADE where you want. Run the New User Wizard and let ADE find the paths to sim and SDK. Check the default project paths in Options > Settings > Projects and stick with the defaults but make a note of what they are since otherwise you may not be able to find a project. If you can't then try Project > Find from the main menu

All that is installed correctly. Most airports have been added to my Scenery Library by the old method other than those that use the XML method. I am attempting to open any third party airport so I can delete a parking space. I am doing so because I want to install some static aircraft and eliminate AI traffic parking on top of it. So I went to File and attempted to open an airport under all the options. I navigated to E:KBWI (or any airport) under Open Airport. It asks for a File name in the box at the bottom.

What is the proper way to open the airport?


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screenshot please. Is this a stock airport, load from bgl file or load from XML.? if you provide some screenshots then I can better understand what you are actually doing
I am simply trying to open a 3rd party airport so I can edit the parking space. When I go to "File" within ADE it gives me options. New Airport, Stock Airport, Open Airport, Open Airport from BGL, Open Airport from XML.
If I try to open with Stock Airport it gives me the tree to maneuver and locate the airport. However it is searching in the C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery\0302\scenery. It does not let me navigate to E: Drive.

Which of these options lets me open a third party airport to edit?
For the stock airports, you must click on one of the airports listed at the left AND have that airport appear in the box at the right before clicking Open.

For your addon airports, you use Open Airport from BGL.


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OK. This is a specific problem with model files and P3D v4. You will need to download the ADE 1.77 beta version from the thread at the top of this forum. Install it by copying the contents of the zip file into a new folder on your computer. Don't copy it over your existing installation. Also download and install the detailed foot print database from the ADE download page on my website.
Open Airport from BGL file is not an automated process, you must choose a BGL file manually.

What happens in that image if you double click the Scenery folder on the right hand side? If BGL files appear, you need to choose the one that contains the airport information.