FSX Installed a boxed version of fsx and ........................................ Its turned in to steam ?


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Well this is one of the best silly things Ive come across to date.

- Last week major crash of my HD - Lost, gone past on to another world - Fried to death.

Installed new drive , fought with Microsoft because the drive would not accept win 10 or any other platform of windows I had. Turned out loads of rear end kissing by them as they found an error in the Win 10 installer THEY GAVE ME!!!

that was 4 days ago. Now installed TWo new TB1 Hds, reinstalled Windows 10 (V1809) and loaded in all my dearly beloved software except FSX - I have two version FSX and the deluxe which are boxed, Mine , never been anywhere else and until Sunday were working rather well.
Today (as I post this I have now created addition space on one drive solely for data the other for applications only.

Added in 2 cd roms one of which is USB the other on board - tested both to death all works well so - HOORAY, Time for some FSX stuff. Load in FSX off the disks - it flies in (pun intended) download SP1 as required.

Register and its all good to go. download SP1 as required. - restarted checked - yet all the splash screen and its configured the scenery files, looking good. - Next up new splash screen - STEAM EDITION - Huh? , What the*********, Excuse me, whats pertaining here then - then the error message stating an error registering - cant be because Ive just opened it and its was OK. Where the bleep has steam come from and it aint my kettle - IM now 4 hours fight back and nothing seems to work AND no one to ask as Im not a steam customer and never have been

Anyone ever anything at all like this?

This forum section is for the 'MS Flight' product, (not FSX and all its variants).

Regarding your "splash screen".

Are you sure you mean the genuine "splash screen",
i.e. just the unbordered logo which displays during launch only.

And not FSX's GUI's "Home Page",
which will display FSX: STEAM EDITION info,
as the GUI's "Home Page" tab contains a web page,
who's URL points to fsinsider.com
and now redirects to https://cdn.microsoftstudios.com/fsx/motd.html.



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Sorry Paul - In my frustration AND haste I dropped the post here. (mods move this if you so wish with my profound apologies)

I have found in the past 12 hours of search's that release win 10 - 1809 is littered with issues. There are some areas which are currently reporting issues registering MS Flight, FSX (all levels) and even steam versions etc because of the win 10 debacle. One of the biggest that came out was the sudden failure of Win installers (great eh?) and registration protocols (even better!!)

I have the main menu screen where on the left we see the multiple option , multiplayer, settings etc.

The multiplayer is not there and that in all versions is the not registered indictor. Despite getting the message that the registration has been successful and the sim opening and a short flight working really well . Following reboot, down goes the registration system. crazy!

Looking at your link - yep that's it. But still I have the issue of cannot register with the key and of course our dear friends in Microsoft are as useful as a chocolate fire door - 2 calls , 4 hours x 8 people and no one wanted to take responsibility for any assistance because its a debunked programme now so just suck it up customer and put up with it.

But thank for the information. As I've had major issues this week with failures last weekend I'm at a point where my adrenaline levels are at nuclear levels and the slightest negative result in installs is the preverbal "oh no not again" scream followed by obligatory head banging on the desk.

I'm determined to get to the bottom of this because looking in the MS forums there are hundreds failing registration weekly and MS support ( I have another name for them ) seem to put meaningless blab with no substance in responses that cause even more frustrations for their customers.

Since updating to win10 1809 i can start FSX and get the main menu and can start the flight.
But then there is only a black screen, not a blue screen.
Asking MS for some support is probably a waste of time.
So i'm also thinking to go to FSX Steam.


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EduHir - yep look like win 10 (1809) has successfully killed many FSx owner off - Today Ive spent in excess of 5 hours talking to an expert - (no pun but, EXPERT??) I get to finally install deluxe instead and hit the reg screen - great smiles everywhere and then the reg demands a phone activation. 5 hours in there. They now say and i quote - we no longer will support the flight simulator games this is fs nine all the way up. I point out its the same process as XBOX - he tells me to call a number he gives me - you could here the silence as I pointed out - its his departments number. They have been worse than abysmal Im sorry. They have cleared the reg screen with the ID on it for them to go through the new reg process . all week Ive worked with level two teams who in credit admit win 10 - 1809 is/continues to cause terrible issues world wide - GREAT!!

Like you Im now resigning myself to not fight anymore 10 hours today and more yesterday and Im daunted - they experts are causing more issue than solved and whats worse they deny that one their own sign

Ive posted a question in general chat here about steam and what people think - At least I know and practically guarantee that Ill get a honest answer for the most important people - The end users!

Thank you for your reply - whilst Im saddened to see another victim I am also glad Im not imagining the issue
I think the proper way would be to change to P3D. The hard way, maybe!
I'm also using FS9 and there i lost my main top menu. Luckily i can open the sub menus.

Could you post your experience if you should switch to FSX Steam.


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@ Edi

certainly - I have had one response in the forum here that positive - Im obviously uncertain about new versions but as Steam seems to be the way to go initially - I just need to look at some of the steam forums to see if there are issue to be aware of. Im hoping that current SE users on here will guide us on its flexibility i.e. adding airports, Aircraft etc similar to the functions we are used to in the MS version


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Gents: you're absolutely NOT going to like what I have to say, so you've been warned. I work in tech support for a multinational company (although 'tech support' doesn't cover one-tenth of what I do). Our policy is:

1. Patch the current version
2. Patch the previous version if the customer has a good case
3. Try and help with all versions prior to that, including obsolete packages.

This is the modus operandi for most big software houses. Ignoring the severe problems with 1809 (not fit for purpose), the help you got with trying to register FSX comes under (3) and from your description, goes above and beyond. I understand exactly what's going on within Microsoft support where they know there's a serious fault with a supporting product (Windows 10) but they are not allowed to admit it (admit it and lose your job for 'bringing the company into disrepute'). I've also been on the receiving end of abuse from frustrated customers (not very often, I have to admit. I don't work in the consumer world so it's a different approach most of the time). Please give their tech support some credit for trying to get you up and running with an obsolete product.

Just trying to give the other side of the picture.
that's the probleme i have. I patched (updated) win10 to the new 1809.
I had troubles with 1709 and stepped back to 1703. Unluckily i updated to 1809.
And the last years every update caused a lot of troubles. PC magazines are full of them.

So for win10: if it runs don't patch it!


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- Last week major crash of my HD - Lost, gone past on to another world - Fried to death.

Installed new drive , fought with Microsoft because the drive would not accept win 10 or any other platform of windows I had. Turned out loads of rear end kissing by them as they found an error in the Win 10 installer THEY GAVE ME!!!

that was 4 days ago. Now installed TWo new TB1 Hds, reinstalled Windows 10 (V1809) and loaded in all my dearly beloved software except FSX
Are you sure your hardware is working correctly? By that I mean, does your new hard drive installation behave as expected in all respects other than FSX? I ask because you had a crashed HD, and the new HD would not accept a Windows 10 installation. That has me suspecting a motherboard or memory problem.

As far as FSX:Steam: it is used by thousands of users, and there are no problems of compatibility that I am aware.


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Update for you guys and thanks for all the input . Nothing will be wasted!
Dragon, yep that's what I read on my iPad as I begged MS for support on the reinstall issue.
My board is Asus and talking to them they agreed it would mount 10 but it not going to go win 11. Far comment and I love transparency.

MS admitted during the waiting for something to happen chat that they had issues with an update but it was muted that they cleaverly fixed major issues and put it straight back out as the same update, I can't confirm that statement at all becausevof the way it came out whilst on the phone. But, yes that release seems to be suspect.

Rhumb ; tested hardware to death, I'd put in an extra 2gb which in creadit to the supplier they offered to test it and did and with no issue still offered a no cost replace the in 24 hours should I want it. GeForce tested no issue. Cd was sluggish and I ditched it and put another in all is well with that.

Took the old drive mounted it as a second drive , adjusted the bios and used my antivirus scanning it with every setting at max. ... clean no issue.

Dkschk - found boot sector corrupt with issues on windows installers, registration protocol gone , that was 2 things on he 1809 botch list. Christmas week my fsx suddenly required registration it had been stable on this rig 4 years with very little issue, then suddenly all my trusted softwares associated with fsx required confirming as trusted again.

Was able to access old drive c and d so most data recoverable.

Happy days.

Big issue getting boxed fsx and fsx delux back on. Both feel over on he registration side so worrying as this was symptomatic of Christmas issue. Message came back when the reg system talked to MS to have a phone activation.

Rang, opted for option 3 Xbox an ms games. Oh dear , that was THE wrong move. Put through to tech, explained game, phone activation. She gets peer to peer link up, clears off the registration screen and announces " oh, this is a game , I'm a windows agent " ...... to late registration system gone and it's a no recover situation. Have to uninstall, install , now I'm told registration is failing due to incomplete install. No true but screwed . Install deluxe same issue, but now it's a logo splash showing steam edition , I'm in nose dive phase after 16 hours of graft. Post here , get correct advice. Speak to M S who say cannot help not supported , point out their error. Put through to Xbox team ( nonidea why ) treated like I've just mugged his mother. Sick to agent one who can't apologise enough but not support , manager confirms no support and then says the demand for phone activation is a computer failure my end!!!! Stand back, light blue touch paper Gareth is going to warp one....

Ripped in to him, cited the ms FAQ pages where they stated the requirement for phone activations which is still current, he's spluttering and stammering as I talk him through the procedures based on their own only documents. I then point out Amazon who sell new boxed versions an tell them that they are selling software unsupported on its registration system , I heard him gulp as I point out the cost to withdraw world wide based on his statement. Don't you just love a manager desperately running backward like the road runner on the edge of a cliff. I wish him happy new year and happy job hunting. Down went the phone my end and off went the fsx. Rhumb states he's happy with steam version, I contact steam and get a great guy Daniel on email explaining process.

Today I down load steam version , installs fires up, I'm flying in 10 minutes form install, and it's like a favourite pair of shoe , just nice. 30 minutes later I'm crossing in sim objects adding in lighting effects all work so far so add on aircraft not in the base model , my favourite 787 with my custom panel gauges etc

So, Edu, you asked about steam, thus far I'm very happy, its working and it appears a good support network.
It's a mirror of the original so familiar to you , presently I'm happy with what I see


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MS admitted during the waiting for something to happen chat that they had issues with an update but it was muted that they cleaverly fixed major issues and put it straight back out as the same update, I can't confirm that statement at all becausevof the way it came out whilst on the phone.
Oh, it's true alright. Had the tech sector hooting with laughter.
Thanks, Gareth,
Congratulation! This was a hard way! I would like to have your nerves;)
You are using win10 - 1809 and DirectX12?

My installation -totally patched- win10-1809 and DX12.


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Thank you all guys - the inputs helped and were supportive - Perhaps MS could take a lesson from our community?

@Edi - Nah, you wouldn't want my nerves - they are as shot this week as my had drive was lol


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An update for you 2 hours after posting the above my system went TU!

Yet again BSOD.

Microsoft now claim that version windows 10 1809 is NOT yet right for some older rugs - why? Because it does not understand the Driver protocols of older equipment and even though my Drivers where bang up to date and confirmed as so by Microsoft - Suddenly they weren't.

So here I sit having forced 1803 back on, lost ALL my programmes for the second time in exactly 7 days to the exact hour Im considering my options.

Push the OS backwards and lose many of the newer drivers needed to run some of my applications - I use kit outside that of FSX for other jobs I do

Drop FSX (like that's going to happen not a snowballs chance in h**l) and just do other things I don't enjoy that much

Become a MS programmer a nd become well paid but get it all wrong - That's easier I think

Throw the rig from a fast moving car whilst flipping the bird - Yep that's already high on the to do list

Employ sedative's in copious amounts so I wont care how many times my rig drops Ill just keep filling back up

Buy an updated rig with nearly the same speac as I have - Might be best but her in doors will probably wait until I'm sleeping and remove the main parts that make me male

Ok - Decision made --------------- As a man of a certain age with grey hair and has forgotten what reproduction means and how its done - Ill opt for the new rig, be a kilo lighter in weight when her in doors gets hold of me and is carrying a sharp craft knife.

Rig to swops with manhood =

  • Intel Core i58400 processor.
  • Hex core processor.
  • Processor speed 2.8GHz.
  • 8GB RAM DDR4 and 16GB Intel Optane.
Hard drive:
  • 1TB HDD storage.
  • Hard drive speed 7200RPM.
  • Dedicated graphics.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 1050 with 2GB memory GDDR5.
Interfaces and connectivity:
  • 3-in-1 media card reader.
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports.
  • 4 x USB 3.0 ports.
  • Ethernet port.
  • 1 HDMI port.
  • 1 DVI port.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Wireless/Wi-Fi enabled.
Operating system and software:
  • Microsoft Windows 10.
General features:
  • Size H33.8, W27.7, D17cm.
  • Weight 5.15kg.
Plus First Aid kit for mad wife syndrome


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Be aware that if you ever decide to go back to Windows 7, some motherboards no longer support Windows 7. I got caught by that with an ASUS TUF Z370-Plus motherboard. The ASUS website does have Windows 7 drivers (if you dig long enough) but they don't actually work reliably. Also, I'd drop the Optane in favour of increasing the m/b RAM to 16Gb or 32Gb and spend the save on a 4Gb or even 8Gb Nvidia graphics card. That will almost cetainly get you more FPS than the Optane. Check that the DDR4 is the fastest supported by your motherboard and don't forget to unlock it in the BIOS (I don't mean overclock it, I mean unlock it so that the motherboard can make the fastest use of it. See the m/b documentation).

And try not to go above Windows 10 1803.... That's the last really stable release and the one I'm running.

Just FYI, I'm running the following:

i5-8600 at 3.60 Ghz
16.0 GB RAM
Five SSDs of various sizes (512Mb and 1Tb)
Nvidia GTX 970 4Gb

With FSX basic (no addons at all) FPS is locked at 30 but unlocked runs up to 70fps+. P3Dv4 with a shedload of addons including a lot of ORBX stuff hits 70-100fps and that's with almost everything maxed out. I suspect that's simply because it's a native 64-bit application running on a 64-bit system.

Hope this helps and - good luck. :)


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Thanks DFD, I'm pretty savvy on ict, lord help those who aren't. I've seen the mine field this week. As you state you can't go back to the reliable 7, you have to tread carefully once your on 8.1 because most d velopment has jumped that leavind backward compatablility issue on user machines. So it's down to us and people like forums like this to help each other in every level. I'd love to take a different OS and smash it out of the park, they aren't out there for us I.e Linux appears as a neat low energy OS but finding our types of software without greedy emilators is pretty near impossible.

However, by things going TU on us we can all learn. Thanks for the advice once more