FSX Installed a boxed version of fsx and ........................................ Its turned in to steam ?

FSX installed find on my windows 10 1809 with sp1 and sp2. runs fine,I have Rex Radar, Rex Texture Direct. and Rex Sky Force. All installed fine and works fine. I don't know if it makes a difference my box Ver, is FSX Gold. If anyone has any question feel free to drop me a note.


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Having had a LONNNGGG conversion with MS over this issue scatter with momentous amounts of apologies this what DaveP of MS said about the issue.

"In many older board (assuming motherboards) release 1809 is unstable. The best option is to revert to and say on 1803. Many machines in the retail domain are currently - 1803 of course because 1809 did not release until October 2018.
My advice is stay on 1803 as its more reliable for the machine you have "

My Machine was an self build ASUS with 10 GB ram - 1 cd and 1x 1 tb hhd. The board was 8 years old - bios flashed last year so was Up to date.

He continued "version 1809 is more for newer machines" - he would NOT be pushed on the definition of newer.

He was embarrassed about Microsoft own telephone activation process stating it would have been better ti have Not spoken to an agent but use the telephony system as it runs from server base.

I decided that enough was enough and basically told him once my old drive formatted and installed 1803 I was closing down the rig as 76 hours of work where MS could not get anything to work effectively with 1809 themselves and ALL confirmed with everything they tested when they did get peer to peer connection that memory, processor and hardware all were working and did not shown any issues at all.

The fact that it has come to light that 1809 starts off OK then suddenly video driver issues are reported followed by registration issues of software that has been stable for considerable time is a flag to be very aware your machine s about to go TU.

Moving forward - had a new rig, nice compact and silent - (Wife loud ranting and vocal ) all software went on. opted for steam FSX rather that mess with phone activation. I have more or less what I had before for 30% of the cost of disks - added in all the packages I use for creating ap's etc it seems to date ok.
He continued "version 1809 is more for newer machines" - he would NOT be pushed on the definition of newer.
At my PC there is nothing older than 2 years and 1 month.
So is this on old maschine?
Or is the MS - man speaking nonsens?

Will try to go back to 1803.


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My Older rig was 6 years on the board and much younger on the ram and Graphics cards - drives etc . So its the mother boards I see them citing. I was taken back to 1803 and it appeared to fire up fine . I did admittedly purchase a new rig now. ^ months earlier than planned and its running ....................................... 1803 - Hp straight out of the box and only on the market 4 months ...

If you find an issue with 1809 coming down then wind back to 1803 and make a recover disk for that spec immediately. Ive now opted to limit all but system software on the hard drive, bought a HHD docking station and turned my old(ish) hard drive in to external drives - working great so far - Ideal for all the data storage and keeps the internal system drive clear of all that bloat