P3D v4 Installing AIFP for P3d

Hello. I am trying to install AI Flight Planner to use with P3d ver 4 but get the error message "No version of Flight Sim found in System Registry. AIFP cannot continue and will now shut down".
I have seen a similar post for someone trying to install for FSX SE, but not sure how to adapt the solution for P3d. Can someone help please?
I have previously installed and uninstalled FSX, FSX.SE and versions of P3d and i suspect the registry is not how it should be, but have no idea how to rectify this. The prvioiusly mentioned FSX SE post also mentions creating a file named AIFP.ini but I would need some help to adapt this solution for P3d. Thank you very much and a Happy New Year to all.



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First of all, delete AIFP.ini and then run AIFP. AIFP will generate a "clean" aifp.ini. (That will clean out any old paths and make new ones for installed versions of FS.) If that doesn't solve your problem, then if Pv4 is installed, it's registry entries are not standard.

If AIFP still doesn't find Pv4, open aifp.ini in any text editor, e.g., Notepad, find the item " Path to P3Dv4" and set it to the path to the folder containing Pv4's P3D.exe
Thank you gadgets. It seems that there was no "ini" file as the programme had not run. Therefore, my son created a new "ini" file and pointed it to P3d in E drive. Programme now running. Thank you very much.


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It would seem therefore, that the .ini file is only created after a successful run. I'll have to address that.

Glad you're up and running. But, if your AIFP can't find your Rv4 items in the registry, the other programs may have the same difficulty. Perhaps an uninstall and re-install should be attempted anyway.

This was a re-install of P3d and AIFP. I have had problems installing other programmes and think I would need to re-install the operating system. Would that be a fair assumption?