FS2004 Installing FS9 into Win 7 64bit

Greetings, I am about to install my FS9 onto a brand new drive, with a brand new legitimate Win7 64bit OS. I know there are many hassles with UAC ( I tried this before on another drive and FS9 always crashed) so I am seeking advice on the procedure. What do I need in place before the FS9 install? Redistributable packs? Codecs? What do I need to do? If you could list the procedure step by step, many people will benefit from this because, there are hundreds of unanswered questions with exactly the same problem. A fresh install of FS9 always crashes in Win7 64bit. All those disappointed flightsim users who've heard great things about the 64bit system really need help. Desperately. Thank you in advance, your help is always appreciated.


I can only speak from my personal experience. I have Win7, 64bit, professional and I installed to "C:\FS\Flight Simulator 9" and the install went flawlessly.

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In other words, install outside the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders and the UAC does not interfere. Your other option might be to turn the UAC off.


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I agree with the other posts. Just do not install into the default offered folder but set your own. The suggestion of C:\FS\.... is a good one. I use something similar. My system is Win7 64bit and I had no installation issues.
Thank you. I will try installing to a drive/folder/ fs9 folder. That is one folder more than I did previously. Also I am the user/admin but when I go to assign full control over the program my Id is now user32, or Doug32. Is that an issue as well?

I installed FS2004 and FSX directly into drive C,
C:/FS2004 & C:/FSX to stop admin issues, so far never had any problems with either.