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I want to reproduce from the book lightning from the cockpit, by Peter Caygill.

a commonplace intercept of Russian tupolev bears by a lightning fmk6.

still being carried out to this day, with the toy Eurofighter. all I need is a way of setting up the bear to fly a circular track at a set height, and speed.

can this be done , I have looked at the ai traffic tool, but its complex and seems to require, parking spots.

departure times, and all sorts of stuff I don't need. I have seen this done with ships that seem to follow a constant circular route, without atc, taxiways, etc, etc. any thoughts on this. Thanks.

just installed fsx me, it may do what I want.
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You are in the Missions forum so I assume you are doing this intercept as a mission, not as a permanent AI aircraft.

Adding a circling aircraft is fairly straight forward. Add the appropriate aircraft (in this case a TU-95) as an AI aircraft. Place it near, leading for your first waypoint at the desired altitude. Add a waypoint list to it and then add the waypoints where you want them. Set up the waypoint list so that t wraps around - i.e when it hits the last way point it will go to the first waypoint. BTW, the TU-95 will show up on your interceptor's air-to-air radar.

A couple of points:
1) Aircraft not designed to be / also be AI aircraft can sometimes act strangely as AI aircraft. This normally appears on landing. However, If this happens airborne, I would duplicate the TU-95's folder in ..\simobjects\airplanes, and then substitute the default aircraft.cfg and air fees from the default FSX B747…its close enough.
2) You may have to fiddle with the distance you allow an aircraft to "miss" a waypoint and still have it "count" as hitting it. Problematic when you have an airplane circling and then landing (accurate landings can require misses of 50 m or less). But since you just have them circling, a miss distance of 200m or so should work. You will know right away if you miss distance is too short as the airplane will miss the waypoint and then circle continuously trying to reach it again…it never does.
3) Using this method and a timer trigger, you can add a second (or more) aircraft on the same track. Set the second aircraft to not active. Attach the same Waypoint list. Have the timer give it a 30 sec or so separation from the first and then trip an activation node action to make the second TU-95 active, appear and start flying.

Yes, FS ME will work quite nicely.
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