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Introducing AFLT General Release

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Several updates fixing specific issues have been made since General Release The current general release is

I have just posted Development Release at http://stuff4fs.com. Recently, I have received queries regarding the use of AFLT for commercial training purposes. To adapt AFLT for such use has necessitated a few changes throughout. None of those changes should affect the use of the "free" version AFLT. But. of course, while that was my intent , broader use of AFLT beyond my own testing may demonstrate otherwise. So, I would be grateful if some of you would download Development Release, re-compile your lighting scheme and check that the new version has not introduced any changes.

Thanks in advance.
Due to an oversight during its creation, Release causes an exception to be thrown when Calvert or Calvert2 is selected as the approach lighting configuration. The error has been fixed in Release, now available as the General Release from http://stuff4fs.com.
AFLT VASIs and PAPIs using BGL_Lights (FS9/FSX) become rather dim at close range. The visibility can be improved by leaving (i.e. not purging) the stock VASI/PAPIs.

Version, just released, improves the alignment between the lights of a AFLT VASI/PAPI and the stock version. Due to the way BGL Lights are drawn by FS, it's not a perfect solution but is quite useable.
AFLT has recently been upgraded to include:
  • true PV5 compatibility (there were a few remining issues in its predecessor),
  • runway and taxiway centerline light size may now be specified as a proportion if their respective edge light size, and
  • runway and taxiway centerline lights may now be specified as bi-directional (i.e. two light sources one pointing ahead, one back with limited visibility from the side)
  • fixes for several long-standing minor issues.
Development Release is now available from http://stuff4fs.com or, if enabled on your system, automatically detected.

If you wish to use the new centerline capabilities, you'll have to first make the necessary specifications in the Options/Default Parameters for This Airport and then Project/(Re)Load Airport Reference File. If you just want to use the other updated features, only a recompile is necessary.

I released Version a couple days ago. I resolved a number of difficulties, particularly with Apron Edge Lights which had inadvertently been disabled by a change in the previous release.

I have just discovered that ground illuminating standards were also affected by that change. Therefore, while is preferable to its predecessor, It's still not "perfect".

I will fix these issues and re-release ASAP.
I have just uploaded General Release to http://stuff4fs.com . If enabled on your system, it should be automatically detected.

As far as I can tell from the limited testing I've been able to do, all features but one are now fully operational, including specification of ground-illuminating standard height. The exception is ground-illuminating standards with P3Dv5. The standards themselves are fine (so you can use them for daytime decoration of your airport), but the ground illumination will not be there. I have spent considerable effort trying to get this to work. So far, no luck - but I haven't given up.

Stay tuned.
Finally, I've figured it out. I have managed to get ground illumination for standards with PV5.

Also I was advised a short while ago that was not automatically detected. won't be detected either, but future releases will be. In the meantime, please download and install AFLT Release from http://stuff4fs.com.
I have just posted Development Release It completes the development of ground-illuminating standards, allowing you to specify the height of the standard and the color of the illumination. And, of course, they now work with PV5. Also, I noticed after release of the earlier version that the ground illumination in PV5 was displayed during daytime. This has been fixed.

As well, I noticed a couple days ago that, following a compile for any version of Flightsim, there was a problem with runway end lights; i.e., one of the lights shifted to the center of the runway both on the AFLT display and in the sim. This has been fixed. The next time you open AFLT, I suggest you check for this condition. If it exists, for each runway in turn, select the runway, right click and select Add/Edit Runway End Lights. Then, close the dialog that opens without changing anything. Repeat for the secondary end. Once all runways have been addressed, save your data before doing anything else.

While there are few feature changes in this release, there are a significant number of code changes. Hence the Development Release.

As far as I can tell, everything is now working. I'd very much appreciate a few of the more-heavy users of AFLT, especially those of you who have created ground illuminating standards (which you'll want to edit in order to use the new capabilities) to load this development release and give it the "once-over". Please report any issues. Thanks in advance.
I have just posted General Release to http://stuff4fs.com. Barring unforeseen difficulties, I anticipate it will be the final release of AFLT. Ground-illuminating standards are now well-behaved and the other airfield lights seem "solid". I suspect some of you will see room for improvement. For that, I would draw your attention to the appendices of the extensive user manual. In there you will find methods to tweak just about everything - hopefully to your satisfaction.

I will of course, continue to support the application as necessary, but I don't foresee any further enhancements.

I should have known I was being too optimistic suggesting the earlier release might be the last. (I won't make that mistake again!)

With Version, I thought I had found the "magic bullet" for display of ground illumination in all versions of FS/P3D with a single set of textures. Turns out it didn't work with FS9, and I've had to revert to the earlier textures for use with FS9 only. Unfortunately, this means only white illumination can be had with FS9. (If you want a different color, you'll have to make a copy of the FS9 textures, re-color them and then substitute those new textures for mine.)

As well, with the earlier version, if you copied and pasted a ground illuminating standard, a new standard was created but its illumination remained with the original. The ground illumination now moves with the standard.

If this new release is not automatically detected, please download and install AFLT Release from http://stuff4fs.com.
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