Invalid Tag error for every KML

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I made some KML Files for my area, fixed them with PreFSX and try to build the scenery with FSXKML110. Unfortunately each of my tries ends very fast with "Invalid tag in [tagname]" (for each and every polygon).

Two major questions came up:
  • Can I somehow find out which tag exactly is invalid? It seems that, despite strictly following the manual, I make any general mistake when producing the KML files...
  • Will I still need to "tidy" every KML file with preFSX or is that functionality implemented meanwhile? Or did I probably destroy working KML files by using an outdated tool on them?
  • I'm insecure about the FWTools path (didn't find detailed info on that). Will I have to set the path in FSXKML as the \bin subdirectory (where all the *.bat files are)? Or will I have to set the environment variables as they recommend?
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I got the problem solved myself. The invalid tag error was my own fault (in the end a typo which I had overlooked several times).

For others: I didn't have to use the PreFSX-Tool on the KML-file, and the FWTools path worked in both ways (with and without the "\bin" subdirectory at the end of the path).

If Google Earth was used for your KML/KMZ vector source data (ex: poly-lines / polygons), which numeric version of Google Earth was it ? :scratchch

Hi Gary,

I use(d) Google Earth Version (Build date 10/7/2013), and – apart from my own bs – everything worked very well and easy.
Take care that you tag the polygons properly (using the taglist inside FSXKML is fine and simple to do), then it should be a cakewalk.



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FSX_KML works with google Earth Version 5.x. You can patch your kml file, but it is a hand work that would take a lot of time if your kml has a lot of coordinate tags.

Alfredo Mendiola Loyola
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You can patch your kml file, but it is a hand work
Not necessarily. If you're using a later version of Google Earth, you can use this tool
to patch the files with a few clicks. The tool has to be run as administrator, because it sets 2 keys in the registry.

But, like I said before, there are many files that I don't need to use the tool. The error was my own typo.

Enjoy :wave:
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