Invalid Texture Size / Missing Aircraft Shadow

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I ran into two situations earlier today I thought were worthwhile mentioning.

1. After converting a model and copying all the textures into the Addon Scenery folder, FS9 complained of a reference to a non-existent texture folder. But all the required textures were in the texture folder. What could be the problem? Through process of elimination, I discovered that one of the textures was of size 768x768 - which, of course, is not valid for scenery models. But, FS9 didn't complain about the format; instead it issued a misleading "non-existant folder" message. So, if you get this message and there's no plausible explanation for it, check the format of your textures with, for example, DXTbmp.

2. If the static_cg_height parameter in the aircraft.cfg file places the static model off the ground and you apply a corresponding negative bias in the XML file, both FS9 and FSX suppresses the shadow. So, in such cases, if you want the shadow, you'll have to tweak the aircraft.cfg file, not the XML. (But, it's an easy way to suppress the shadow of an individual scenery model.)

Hope this helps a few of you avoid some frustration.

I've updated the manual.

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