P3D v4 invisible AI in VnW war project Air America

partially visible and invisible AI planes in VnW project AA L20A
I have posted this problem on several forums and have yet to receive a reply so I think I'll go direct to the "Brain Trust

I recently put the VnW war project scenery into my new P3D V4.3. I like to fly Ant's Royal Lao T28 aout of L20A. I have a Pilatus Porter AI plane that is total visible. It is definitely AI as it will eventually taxi out and take off. The 3 T28's parked beside the runway render as shown in the attached image. I don't know if they are static objects or AI. I also hear a C123 provider (Fairchild) on ATC and can see the red AI traffic info but no visible airplane (see attached).​

I thought maybe the VnW AI aircraft files were corrupted so I re-downloaded the whole package and overwrote my old files. Something is sketchy as I have crash to desktop when all of them are loaded into SimObjects/Airplanes. I have judiciously added them one by one and have cured the CTD. These are the ones I have loaded:​
AI VnW A-1J, AI VnW Beech D18 AA, AI VnW C7, AI VnW C123, AI VnW C123 AA, AI VnW C123 SEA, AI VnW Porter AA, AI VnW T-28, AI VnW T28_V, AI VnW T28D​
I thought maybe P3D couldn't handle the bmp textures. Should they be converted to .dds? Any idea what's causing this?
invisible AI.jpg
partial planes.jpg

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The AI aircraft that they used, witht VnW in the name, are mostly FS9 models. That's why they don't show up. Has to be FSX native or later.