Invisible AI

Again another problem with my AI (I have no experience in this field) :(
For some reason when the aircraft is parked and inactive (nav lights have turned off), the majority of the textures disappear except for whatever the alpha channel did not cut out in the texture sheet. This is for TFS and RAI aircraft. I've ran this through DXTBMP and I have yet to solve the problem.
Is this FSX or later? Does the day texture have an alpha channel other than pure white? If so, you could try making it so. (Save a backup first.) DXTBmp can do that.
Yup, I tried that option and it did work for most of my problems. The 787 was still having problems, I think the model requires a separate lightmap texture instead of having it saved in the alpha channel. I simply just switched to another model and texture.
Yes, some models require a light map texture (I use a small black square with a white alpha) or they become transparent at dusk and dawn. Most need to be named with an _L extension, but a few FSDS models require an _LM extension.