Invisible night/day texture wanted at night time


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Dear All,
I have developed a moving flag scenery object in FSX with GMAX. All works fine at day and night with the corrsponding texture too. So far so good.
Now I want to see no flag texture at all at night time. Basically I want to see not the flag at all at night.
I tried this:
1. Set the night texture black (transparent) and set the parameter in GMAX correct too.
Exchaged the texture in the addon scenery in FSX also.
Result: At night the night texture is gone but I still see the shade of the day texture.

2. I unchecked in GMAX material editor the nigh texture assignment. Compiled the model, did my bgl, copied into FSX.
Result: The same as above. No night texture but still the shade, or if you like, the very dark day texture.

Is there any setting in GMAX which makes my flag just invisible at night ?? Looking for a trick on how to show just the flag pole at night with no flag texture.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Thanks for the reply.
I am talking about a scenery object. Not a AC model/VC and no gauge. Where should I place your proposed VAR ? In modeldef ? In the scenery XML code ?
Can not see in which element I could insert this VAR ?


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The night texture, unfortunately, is controlled by the alpha channel of the day texture, so this is not possible with traditional means. It is often requested.


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Hi Rick,
thanks for this explanation. I was quite sure that it was not possible, however I had no explanation why not. So, now I know at least the reason.
Thanks for that !!