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FSX Invisible or very small AI object

I want to use an invisible (or very small) AI object in order to obtain its ground elevation. Do you have any idea which AI object I can use for that? Or is there any AI object I can download for that? I want this object to be invisible as I just use it as bogus object (terrain probe) and it is NOT supposed to show up among the "real" AI traffic.

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In general yes (that means I would be willing to do that), but I have never created one. I was wondering what a minimal SimConnect.cfg sim.cfg would need to look like and whether I need any textures for that. Or is there a possibility to create one entry with 0 dimensions, speeds etc. and no textures?

I have no real idea what makes an AI a working one (so what the simulator checks if it adds it, or what is checked to pass any validation). May I will look for a tutorial and will create the most simple aircraft possible and try to reduce its size.

So if someone can give me a hint, cool!
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Well, creating a simple object is very easy (using SDK and GMAX/3DSMAX) and you don't need textures - FlightSimX type material will take on a color and "shininess" of the base material.

You probably didn't mean to write SimConnect.cfg - it has absolutely nothing to do with what you're trying to do. However, sim.cfg does.

And, here is your hint ;): Take a look at Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Misc\Cargo_pod object. That's as simple as they get, model and sim.cfg wise. (MDL is only 27 kb, and sim.cfg has 3 entries...)
Another hint:
  • You can absolutely create an invisible object. For example, you can create an object with a single, tri-vertex poly with all 3 vertices being (0,0,0) (coinciding) which would make it a one-dimensional triangle, or co-linear (a two-dimensional triangle) . The MakeMDL will complain, but it will create an object.
  • You can also create an object with completely transparent material.