P3D v4 Is it possible to extend the startup time of AI aircraft?


just fiddle around with new startup sounds for some AI jets I use. Those work fine meanwhile, but I am not quite satisfied. The reason:
The AI startup procedure is much too short. Before the startup sound comes into idle, the aircraft is already taxiing. Means: The new startup sound still starts, when the aircraft is moving.
Is there any way to extend this startup time of an AI aircraft? Or to start the startup sound with the ATC call?
Okay, just another thought: Which entry is responsible for the time delay between the AIs ATC call and the start of the pushback? Somewhere there has to be a command line and a number that should determinate the startup. So if this entry could be increased, the startup sound could have more time to play the whole length...possibly?


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I'm pretty sure this has always been hardcoded. You could dig through the associated DLLs with a hex editor and see if you find something associated to startup time.

Or maybe its governed in the air file as for user aircraft. Table 1505 or whatever it was called.
Arrghh - that's what I was afraid of, to become an investigator....not sure, if this is worth the time....thanks nevertheless.


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Well, it's the usual procedure. If you try to operate out of MSFS/P3D's boundaries, you'll have to devise a way to do so.