Is it possible to have a 1 minute start up time?

Hey all,

Is it possible to have a 1 minute startup time? Turbine engine, spool up, and ignite, get to idle. Approximately 1 minutes.

How would you do that? Would the sound for starter continue to run? Not quite sure how FS calculates this.

Technically, probably though I wouldn't want to have to test it myself.. The startup sound file would have to be the correct length or it would replay repeatedly.

Roy Holmes

Resource contributor
I think it is harder to model a cartridge start of a turbojet. From cartridge ignition to combustion takes about 5 seconds and after 10 you can slam the power on and begin to take off. 15 seconds later you are airborne. Of course you cannot do it using the normal set up, must use Simconnect and I think that may be the best solution for any radical departure from the norm.