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P3D v4 Is it possible to integrate the airport into the background/land


Is it possible to integrate the airport into the background/land, what I mean when I make a poygon for an airport it looks to sharp, will it be possible to make the edges smoother intergrate to the backgrond/land, thanks
Hi John:

IIUC, you want to "Blend" edges of a AB CVX vector AB polygon into surrounding FS default land class terrain textures.

If so, this can indeed be done, but ...it is easier to do by using custom photo-real aerial imagery land class textures, such as that which you recently downloaded via SBuilderX to use for a Background Image in ADE's work-space at ICAO WART.

* Airport RWYs / Taxiways / Aprons could still be displayed on top of the custom photo-real aerial imagery textures.

* A Blend Mask gradually fades custom photo-real aerial imagery textures into surrounding FS default land class terrain textures.

* Custom Autogen object annotations and/or scenery library objects would be required, as custom photo-real aerial imagery textures exclude underlying default Autogen objects from display.

Assuming you still have the above cited custom photo-real aerial imagery *.BMP and its associated Geo-referencing *.TXT file in:

[SBuilderX install path]\Tools\Work sub-folder

...you can use that 1-piece image *.BMP file derived from all the original downloaded image tiles for the following procedure.

1.) SBuilderX Menu > File > Add Map > From Disk... > Browse / Select above cited 1-piece image *.BMP file; click [Open]

2.) Back in SBuilderX work-space:

a.) Zoom out until all edges of the loaded background image area can be seen

b.) Press + Hold Left Mouse button to draw a 'selection frame' over the entire loaded background image area

NOTE: All edges of the background image area should turn Green with Red vertices when 'selected' properly

c.) SBuilderX Menu > File > BGL Compile... < SBuilder BGL Compilation dialog opens >

(1) In SBuilder BGL Compilation dialog > check "Photo Scenery" checkbox, then click [Compile] button

NOTE: A CMD mode task session window will show progress of the BGL compile using FS / P3D Terrain SDK Resample

When finished, Resample will output a "Photo01.BGL", and a "Photo01.INF" into:

[SBuilderX install path]\Tools\Work sub-folder

3.) Place "Photo01.BGL" into the active \Scenery sub-folder with other airport files created by ADE already in your Scenery Library

4.) Start FS / P3D, load a flight at ICAO WART, and take an inspection flight.

5.) Use the above 1-piece image *.BMP file and associated Geo-referencing *.TXT files and "Photo01.INF" with these tutorials:

"Make photo-real ground textures" by Luis Feliz-Tirado:


...also cited in this thread:


A notable quote - in "Make photo-real ground textures" by Luis Feliz-Tirado:

"The Blend Mask draws pure white on the central part of the image that will display without transparency, and then various levels of gray towards the exterior - these will be partially transparent - and ends in pure black where the default ground will display completely. It is a grayscale TIFF image:"

One may use a gradient transparency in a 256 'color' 8-Bit gray-scale bitmap (BMP) or TIFF to "Blend" into adjacent areas of imagery.

To better visualize results of one's edits, it is easier to use an "Alpha Channel" as a 'layer' within the same TIFF image file, although some prefer to use a separate image as either a 8-Bit gray-scale bitmap (BMP) or TIFF.

Whether a 8-Bit gray-scale Blend Mask is used as a Alpha Channel within the same TIFF image file or a separate image file, it must be specified as a Blend Mask in a 'Multi-source' INF.

BTW: You may also wish to review a tutorial by Tiberius et al: "How to create photoreal scenery for FSX":


Hope this gets you started ! :)

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it is is very usefull info indeed, you mention that to use the image I made via SbuilderX, this image is bigger then the area of the airport, actually I want to blend it just around the polygon I made around the airport and it is smaller than that image, can this also be done?
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You can 'start' the Blend Mask gray-scale gradient which allows transparency from White (RGB 255,255,255) at the outside 'edge' of the airport area ...and then transition the gray-scale values to almost-Black (RGB 1,1,1) at the desired distance away from the airport edge.

That way, the under-lying default land class texture (or water class if there is instead a Hydro polygon area underneath) ...gradually begins to show through to the 'top' of the custom photo-real aerial imagery texture. :pushpin:

IMHO, one should avoid 'complications' by NOT using pure Black (RGB 0,0,0) in a Blend Mask. :alert:

You may, of course, wish to sharpen and color match a COPY of the aerial imagery BMP file first before processing it via Resample along with the Blend Mask using a "Multi-source" INF file. ;)

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You said that I need the file which I made from SbuilderX . But the airport i am working is smaller than that file, around the airport I cover it with polygon which the edges very sharp. I want only this sharp edges blend. So can you tell me how can I get the sharp edge part to blend. thanks.
Hi John:

Please review the tutorials I cited and linked to above:


To create a Blend Mask, open a COPY of your ICAO WART custom photo-real aerial imagery *.BMP file cited above, located at:

[SBuilderX install path]\Tools\Work sub-folder

..in ex: PhotoShop; then follow the steps for Blend Masks as presented in the above cited tutorials:

Blend Mask


[Make Photo-real Ground Textures in FSX tutorial install path]/Make_photo-real_ground_textures_in_FS_X/Make_photo-real_ground_textures_in_FS_X.html#Blend_Mask


PART III - Watermasks and Blendmasks (continued)


NOTE: The latter tutorial shows GIMP, but PhotoShop has comparable feature capabilities for Layers / Channels, Brush tips, transparency, etc.

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