Is it possible to make FSX think that an AI aircraft is moving

Maybe I am on the wrong 'track' but I have noticed that my AI float planes do NOT display the same effects when they are taxiing, taking off or landing (wake, spray etc) as the 'flyable' float plane does which makes we wonder if it is caused by the fact that FSX dos not 'know' when an AI aircraft is actually moving?
Is that correct?
Are then any changes that can be made so that the 'effects' display when the ai float plan is moving?

Sorry if this should be in the aircraft design forum but I thought that it belonged here.
The effects are in the aircraft.cfg
I am using a copy of the stock FSX Beaver as my AI aircraft (with changes necessary for AI). The [EFFECTS] section is identical in both.
The main difference between the aircraft.cfg files is in the [CONTACTS] section which has both contact points for floats as well as wheels (wheel contact points are necessary to enable the aircraft to taxi and take off using concrete taxipaths and runway which are in the water). Also the type 5 and type 2 contact points (can't remember what they are for as I type this) are NOT in the ai aircaft.cfg


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Type 5 is water rudder and type 2 are scrape points.

You either need to:

1. Change your taxiways to water (must keep the concrete runway).


2. Change the effects for dirt= and concrete= to a wake type effect. I use:

wake = fx_wake
touchdown = fx_tchdwn, 1

You'll need to change these to a wake effect you do have.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Tom

Yes 2 is scrape points and 5 rudder - just couldn't remember as I typed the thread, it was late.

Actually my taxipaths are water (they used to be concrete until I found from trial and error that they could be type water so other aircraft don't bump and show sparks when they cross them - don't try and take off with a float plane from a concrete runway built for ai :)).

I thank that I just found the reason. I didn't have fx_AI_floatplane_spray-and-wake in my effects folder.
I had recently reinstalled FSX onto a new drive and thought it was a file which came with FSX. Can't remember where I got it from. Do you remember where it came from? Maybe another aircraft I downloaded.

You have to be so careful when you reinstall FSX. I had a folder containing all the changes I had made over the years (aircraft texture addons, extra gauges etc etc) but hadn't placed that effect into it. Thankfully I had decided to leave all the FSX files left over after the uninstall on the old drive so I could 'rescue' any I had forgotten.

Do you know of a windows program which will allow you to compare files in one folder with another folder and display any files in folder a not in folder b and vice versus?
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That file is available in as, and I assume other places as well.

Sorry, I don't know of such a program.
Thanks again Tom

I didn't think that was where I got the file from as I always select 'fsx only file' when I search and this one is listed as FAS2004.


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Hi John,

I use FreeFileSync for comparing folder contents:

One can choose to compare files by date/size or actual (byte-level) content. Also, checking and syncing is separate meaning it's possible to just get visual reports without making any changes.

Cheers, Holger
Thanks Holger.
That is exactly what I was looking for. I was sure there must have been such a utility as if I remember correctly there was one for the old Z80 systems (8 bit CPU - yes pre Windows - am I that old :oops:).

Do you know of a Windows utility which will search all text/word files in a folder which contain a particular word or sentence? That could come in handy also for when I am looking for a text file which contains a subject I am looking for.
Sorry to resurrect this thread,
But I have the same issue as I originally posted.
Firstly I DID have 'effects' (spray etc from the floats) working but then I had to reformat my C: drive and reinstall everything again.
I thought that I had backup copies of all the files (ai aircraft, ai flight plans etc) which I copied back to relevant folders in FSX but now the spray etc effects have disappeared again.
I checked the [effects] section in the aircraft.cfg for my ai floatplans and they are correct yet I don't see them when those aircraft are moving around during their scheduled take offs etc.
My airport taxipaths are all water.
Have I missed something?


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Have I missed something?
You have indeed missed something. You have not said what changes you made to FSX, such that a reinstall of default software does not restore full functionality. This is important, as demonstrated in post #5, where an aircraft you presume to be default, calls an effect that must be downloaded from simviation. That is not default and it is a change to the default configuration, that could have a significant effect on your ability to see effects.
This is an example to which I refer:
The effects are in the aircraft.cfg
I am using a copy of the stock FSX Beaver as my AI aircraft (with changes necessary for AI). The [EFFECTS] section is identical in both.
I thank that I just found the reason. I didn't have fx_AI_floatplane_spray-and-wake in my effects folder.
FYI, the term "stock" refers to automotive parts, as in tires that are stocked, or "stock car racing," implying the vehicles are assembled from components readily available at any automotive parts store. The term for original software components is "default." If you are using a default Beaver as AI with changes necessary only for AI operation, then to help others troubleshoot issues, you'd need to state EXACTLY what changes you performed. Assigning the effect "fx_AI_floatplane_spray_and_wake.fx" could be EXACTLY why you do not see wake effects in a simulator which you have re-installed that does not include the effect "fx_AI_floatplane_spray_and_wake.fx"

Finally, I would like to express the value of follow through. Many people come to FSDeveloper to solve problems. Some of these people are shy and count on intelligent, expressive persons like yourself to define and articulate the problems they need solutions for. They will use the search function, listing complementary terms and study your thread for answers. You did not tell us what you ultimate solution was in 2016. Tom offered some especially valuable pointers, that might address issues that others are experiencing, did they work? Following along those lines, do they not work in this situation?



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Did you check again that the effects files listed in those aircraft.cfg files were actually present in your Effects folder?
Thanks rk and Tom

Firstly (rk) your are VERY picky (re the meaning of stock). What would you call the aircraft which come with FSX? Maybe "included aircraft"? Sorry for annoying you.
Actually I thought about using the word 'default' as you suggested but as far as I know default means -
A particular setting or value for a variable that is assigned automatically by an operating system and remains in effect unless canceled or overridden by the operator.

In reply to your statement "You did not tell us what you ultimate solution was in 2016.", if you read (my) post #5 you will see I indeed DID answer as follows
"I thank that I just found the reason. I didn't have fx_AI_floatplane_spray-and-wake in my effects folder."

Tom you put me onto the right 'track' and I found the problem and it was the effects I had in my aircraft.cfg and I thank you heaps for that.

What I think was the problem was that initially I had manually made a backup of the AI aircraft I had created and AFTER that I had modified the aircraft.cfg which was in my simobjects/aircraft/AI Beaver and got it working correctly and then FORGOT to also update the backup I had originally made.

So when I reinstalled FSX I simply copied my AI aircraft from my backup to FSX not realising that it was not correct.

Easy enough to do I guess, ie make a backup, make modifications to the original and not make another backup (remember I made those backups MANUALLY by simply copying). Well maybe not for some people.:banghead:
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