Is there any chance to get FSX Planner these days?

dave hoeffgen

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After I reset my computer recently (to some point of late 2014) I noticed FSX Planner no longer works.
Sadly I no longer have the installer on my computer and I know that zbluesoftware no longer supports it.

so is there currently any chance to obtain an installer?

Thanks in advance for any help.

This FSX_Planner (aka "FSXP") installer appears to work, and a scan by Malwarebytes with current definition files showed 'no threats' within the ZIP file from 2008:

I have not tested the FSXP package downloadable from GitHub: > 'click' [Clone or Download] button > Download ZIP

I cannot vouch for whether FSXPlanner will work with the current Java Run-time Environment (aka "JRE") for a Windows 64-Bit platform, but here's some links:

One may- or may not- need to also install a 'side-by-side' installation of an older JRE version, and configure it via the Windows Control Panel "Java" applet:

Approximate disk space requirements appears to be ~120 MB or less per JRE. :idea:

PS: FSX_Planner must be "Run As Administrator", and/or manually allowed to pass through the Windows firewall so it can access SimConnect via TCP/IP

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