Is this perhaps the Ultimate Home Simulator?


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I agree with you. There's no way I'd even think about having only one "plane" to fly. It's a silly investment, IMHO. :rotfl:
I agree with you too. However, if he get bored on his one airplane simulator, please tell him to throw that to me....ha ha.

I think if we can do the simulator virtually by Oculus Rift would be better. Magic gloves with feedback tactile sensation can let us switch on/off all the switches and buttons. The gloves give us the feed back tactile sensation on our fingers or our palms when you put your hands on virtual yoke would be perfect. I can change to any type of airplanes, or even switch to a racing car with a stick or paddle shift. Moreover we can add motion platform with it to make it more real. I would love to have those more than a fix base 777, 737 or 787 which you cannot change anything after you decide which model you want to fly.
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I should like my haptic gloves to give me the sensation of flying without any accoutrements whatsoever. After all, if they are truly "magic," then between them and my Oculus Rift, I will have realized Leonardo's dream (what, a flight capable human being, right?) and at that point, any association with Boeing or Raytheon would become an unsponsored endorsement, imo.
Freaking-A that looks terrible! All that money spent and they couldn't add just a few more dollars for a decent staircase, so his poor wife doesn't have to stand on a soap box to hand him his coffee with her stewardess outfit on..

"Seriously," when I read the title I thought you were going to tell us about a game, that if played expertly, allows one's avatar to buy a house that has a flight simulator in it and I thought, "well if it's immersive enough..."

At least with those dinky "Reno" style simulators, shaped like an F1 car with the head's up display above the dash, it's easier for the wife to hand you coffee.

what is Cess-Nah mean in that cup joke? I'm fail to understand it


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So, through linguistic interpretation, the wife ultimately indulges the husband's fantasy - so long as that fantasy includes a Cessna and not, for example, a Piper.