P3D v4 Is this var still broken for sims FSX+ ?

Is the "Fuel weight per gallon" var still broken? Just need to use it for something else, isolating FS9 from all other sims.
Don't have P3D to test.
(A:Fuel weight per gallon, pounds per gallon) 0 ==
       if{ (>K:RELOAD_USER_AIRCRAFT) } // FSX
      els{ (>K:RELOAD_PANELS) }        // FS9


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Thanks. :) Took me quite a while to figure that one out. But after I did I think I found someone else who found it earlier, but I can't find that now (convenient, eh?).

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As for sims after FSX, I can't imagine they would change it from the FSX units, since that is the correct one (I guess?).
If the value is weight per gallon... the unit would be the type of weight... I don't understand why anyone would ask for the weight of a unit per by asking for the unit per of the unit per. Just color me bewildered.
Agreed that no one should normally ask that. This is just a case where the units flag for that A:Var is different in FS9 than in FSX and beyond. That can be exploited to tell whether the sim is FS9 or FSX+.

And that is useful for a simple XML reload panel gauge where the reload event is different in FS9 than in FSX+.



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Now that I think about it I agree, Fuel Weight Per Gallon should have units of pounds. The more logical variable would have been Fuel Density, and the units would then be pounds per gallon.
I think Edi must be referring to the FS9 vs FSX+ test where the units must be written as Roman shows in #1, (A:Fuel weight per gallon, pounds per gallon).