P3D v4 ISimObject's and the new P3D V4.5 Indago UAV Quad Drone

Hey all,

In the newest version of Prepar3D V4.5, they have a UAV called the Indago, a quad drone. Small little RC drone.

They use a unique set of XML's to control it with. What I would like to know is if it has a DLL somewhere that helps to control it, because supposedly it does, but I cannot find it. And also where the lists (Libraries?) are for command strings, events, control input options, etc, for when someone is creating something like this, or wishes to experiment and make changes to this existing unit. I cannot seem to find that.

Presently the drone uses an XBox control unit for yoke. I have cloned the drone and it shows up in the sim, and I am trying to make changes and things to experiment with how it flies, etc. I would then like to create some of my own things in the sim using this tech. But if it needs special DLL's and things, then I might be out of the picture as C++ is a bit over my head, at least presently.

Also... What is 'PDI'? I have heard this term mentioned in auto pilot systems.

Thanks for any input and enlightenment you might have on these subjects.

I am hoping the Indago is a XML only way of doing what is normally a DLL, but could instead be done with XML files. That is what pulled me into the interest of this vehicle.


This is the folder structure in the Indago_UAV folder which is located in the Misc SimObjects file directory.
Note the various files for Mass, Aerodynamics, RotorSystem, etc, etc. In the 'Controls' folder is a Controls XML. This has the various keyboard mapping layouts.


This is the UAV in P3D V4.


The real deal. The LM Indago really exists. In the sim, it has auto-hover and can be controlled by XBox. I would like to change the controls to a standard joystick, but cannot find the name strings to modify the Controls XML.
The Indago UAS in P3D v4.5 was impelented using PDK and the module is located inside SimObjects\Modules\Quadrocopter.dll library. You can see that sim.cfg file contains CategoryId = GUID. It loads data from xml files as parameters. Properties that exposed in Control directory can be mapped from UI to keyboard and Joystick and can be accessed from SimConnect clients.