FSX Island showing as flat terrain

In my last airport project there is a small (but important) landmark island just offshore of the airport. The airport is on the coast.

I recreated the whole island in my project so that it has the correct shape. In real life this island is like a tall (cliff-like) rock that is about 5-10 meters above sea level. However, on FSX (even with the FSX MeSA mesh) the island shows as a flat piece of land which is unreal and quite boring.

What can I do to make this island as described above? I set the altitude of my island polygon (the one with the Landclass, evergreen or so) to 10 meters but that does not seem to make any difference.
Well, as I understand it, you have not created a terrain mesh for this island, right? If the elevation is not included in the default or any add-on files, there is no way anything will pop up from the water. You must create your own elevation scenery.

Create mesh scenery. It is all in SDK.... Use resample.exe, and your INF file should look something like this:

	Type		= Raw
	SourceDir	= "C:\Backup\Island"
	SourceFile	= "Terrain.raw"
	Layer		= Elevation
	nCols		= 1784
	nRows		= 948
	ULXMAP		= 177.02898592890725
	ULYMAP		= -17.606186958312737
	XDIM		= 7.063072853392e-6
	YDIM		= 6.751306945476e-6
	SamplingMethod	= Gaussian
	Scale		= 0.002
	SampleType	= UINT16

	DestDir			= "."
	DestBaseFileName	= "Island"
	UseSourceDimensions	= 1
	DestFileType		= BGL
	LOD			= 7,18
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One thing I know is that you can use sbuilder to make the island and assign a height to the polygon. Then in Flight Simulator make sure your terrain mesh resolution slider is at least 5m or until you see the island elevation.


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Sorry I mixed up. It is FSX isn't it.
You need to draw exclusion around the island. The land will show up since in FSX world the whole world is land just cover with water. Then you draw the water to cover it and draw the island poly and make it a hole of the water you just draw. If you have mesh or make it by S-builder, it will show up.
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