Issue with Mag Car and addon airport ILS headings

Hi all.
So the upgraded PACD airport in OrbX global airports, has not adjusted the navaids from stock.

When I open the bgl in ADE, is shows a true heading 158 degrees for the runway and the ils.

In the box, it says Mag Variation is 16 degrees - according to my navigraph charts, it i actually now 12 degrees.

So, when I fly an ils approach at 146 degrees, it is way out.

I see there are 2 possible 3rd party solutions - Magdev which changes mag dev for all stock navaids, and FSAerodata, which apparently does that and a whole bunch more.

If I wanted to manually adjust an airport such as PACD, because I didn't want to use these 2 solutions.... OR they didn't work for addon airports, and addons were still out of date, can I use ADE to achieve that ?

I have tried changing the heading of the ILS in the bgl, compiling and running, but it doesn't seem to work.

Would both the runway and ILS need changing to 162 degrees, meaning a rebuild of the entire airport ?

Thnx for any advice.
ADE is able to change the Mag Var,
From the menu, File/Airport Properties, then in the Mag Var field change this to 12, click ok and your done,
is this what you wanted to do?
Can of worms time.
It doesn't.
Search the ADE manual for "mag var" and you find that you can select auto set mag var. :eek:
Search ADE online help for "mag var" and you get nothing.
You can check the functionality for yourself. Pick an airport, any airport. Open it in ADE, make the mag var 180 degrees, compile & fire up FS. You'll find no difference at all.


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MagVar is controlled by a separate bgl file if I recall correctly. Maybe I should make it read only in ADE?
Maybe I should make it read only in ADE?
Certainly yes, since airport magvar does nothing in the sim (probably a field MS depreciated a long time ago); also ILS Magvar (another one in ILS record) does nothing else than changing ILS magnetic orientation in the sim map/GPS views
Everything is in the current magvar as calculated at position from the magdec.bgl file
Hope it will help