Items that are in ADE Display Go Missing on Opening the Project Again

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Sometimes we get a report that items in the ADE display go missing after the airport is compiled and re-loaded. There are several likely reasons for this
  • Check the View Menu and make sure that the objects you are interested in have a checkmark against them
  • If the objects are Scenery Objects then make sure that the Scenery Complexity setting in the main menu is set to Extremely Dense
  • Do not load your airport back into ADE from the Bgl file. This is the way it is done in AFCAD and AFX but not in ADE. If you do this in ADE you are almost certain to lose things. You must always load your airport again from the ADE project file. It has a .ad2 extension. We can guarantee you will have problems if you do it any other way :eek:
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