It's all broke! ahh MCX to Lib

Had the usual update notification so i updated my MCX, did some modeling then went to drop my MDL into my lib but it comes up with incorrect version! i have alway exported to P3d v2.

If i try to drop any of my old MDL files into the lib it also has the same error message.

Corrupt lib file?? i started a new lib file only half my files would import the others all came up with incorrect version!

stumped and unable to work!!! :-(
Ok! this i just down right weird! i made a new Library just to am the two new file i made this morning but when saving the BGL will not write, this is the latest version i downloaded today, i have even change the BGL comp version from fsx to p3d v3 and v4, no BGL export! ....


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Our of curious... have you also updated the Library Creator XML also?

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totally random, some MDLs will add and others will not. latest Lib file a new model created in the last hour will not add to that also!! Arno to the rescue please, whats happening?? anyone else?

Updated the library creator after i had these problems thinking they must be conflicting with version updates.


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Did you confirm that the appropriate tools were pointed to the correct versions within options of both MCX and Library Creator XML?
it makes no difference. when ever i create a new library i can add MDLs, save it make more MDLs, then go to add to the new Library then it says its a different version, some old files will import some will not!!
It has got to be in system reg somewhere! the files are on a USB stick i take from home to work, i works at home but not at work! settings that same bgl file. can't see how to uninstall so looks like i may have to crack open the old Regedit!! :-/


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Yes,... your right that it could be a permissions issue from the work computer site. I was unaware that this was a USB stick usage, until you mentioned it.
Still have the problem. I noticed that when I open it on the pc that does not work the lib shows the file as fsx. But the pc that works it comes up as p3dv2. I have tried a third machine and that does not work either. Is the lib program linked to mcx?

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Is the lib program linked to mcx?
No. MCX is only a GUI, a graphical user interface that calls programs, in this case XtoMdl.exe, that are in the SDK. If you have one version of XtoMdl in one computer and one version of XtoMdl in a different computer, you will compile different version of a library .bgl with them. Library .bgl's are generally backwards compatible, you can decompile an FSX .bgl and then compile it with the P3D SDK, but you can't recompile a P3D .bgl with the FSX SDK, without first changing the contained models to the same SDK. Perhaps you have P3D models and you're trying to make an FSX library .bgl with them.
how is libary creator pulling the xtomdl.exe link? i load the same xml file on one machine it fsx and the other is p3d. its a wory because i can only create a xml file that all my models with load in on my PC at home, any other pc old half will ! :-/


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As =rk= mentioned before,...

All versions of the SDK that you are using have to be for the same SDK,... they can't or aren't interchangeable. If you have 1 SDK on 1 computer that you are using,... they would have to be available or installed in the 2nd and 3rd computers. FSX SDK and P3Dv1.4 SDK are the only ones that can be used interchangeable. All other P3D versions (SDKs, depending on what your using or needed) will need to be installed in the 2nd and 3rd computers.


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how is libary creator pulling the xtomdl.exe link?
Seriously? I am concerned that you express an intention to employ Regedit, when command line programs that run through a shell application are a complete mystery. Suffice to say, sir, that one program with a fancy graphical user interface can run a fairly powerful program which lacks a graphical user interface. It's kind of how "Windows" works. The powerful command line programs, XtoMdl.exe, are the property of the authors, people aren't allowed to extract the working bits and mix those with working bits from other version of XtoMdl.exe. According to the SDK and by that I mean any SDK, we are expected to drag and drop our software experiments and products onto the icons of these softwares, presuming we don't actually use the command line - and now Arno has gone and written a program that does all this navigating and drag-and-dropping automatically - but that is all the program does.
i load the same xml file on one machine it fsx and the other is p3d. its a wory because i can only create a xml file that all my models with load in on my PC at home, any other pc old half will
I would need you to converse in standard English as closely as possible. I believe you are saying that you load the same file onto one machine that is FSX and one machine that is P3D, or you could possibly be saying that you load the same file and it reads as FSX on one machine and it reads as P3D on another machine. Can you understand that right now, it doesn't matter what file means what? To borrow a phrase, it is a worry to me, because there is a specific procedure to cure your situation that I have already defined, with which Pysen is in agreement. This is a procedure you must perform, before continuing and if you refuse, you are telling me that you would prefer to figure this out on your own, which is ok of course, I'd just need to know.

To solve this situation you must first get one machine to compile a simple .bgl, using the SDK of your choice. Once that has been accomplished, you must transfer an exact copy of that same SDK to the next and any subsequent computers and establish that those computers will also compile that same .bgl. This initial procedure may, or may not cure your situation, however, you must perform it before proceeding and if it does not solve your situation, please report back and we can move forward from there. Be prepared to tell exactly which SDK you have activated, with perhaps screen shots of the relative paths, in case any of us are skeptical and want to be certain you have "matched" your multiple computers.



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ok rob,...

so the computer that works is the 1 with the SDKs of FSX and P3Dv4,... Does it work with both? You have created a MDL for both FSX and P3Dv4 (1 of each)?
I always export from mcx ti P3dv2 mdl. the machine that works has 2 sdks loaded. the other pc has just p3d v4 sdk. i have pointed mcx and xlib to the files on my usb that holds the sdk files. man i have made such a mess of this, i have installed several skds of the past few weeks trying different programs and finding out what works best for me :-/

i have pumped out 145 models in the last 3 weeks and hope that i don't have to reconvert half of them :-/ can't see a batch converter on MCX from one mdl format to another.

its my own fault, i just push buttons until it works or breaks. ;-)


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No, it's all good, you're not that bad off, seriously - I push buttons until things work and all I can suggest is that you might have to become more precise about when you call something working. You are already half out of the forest, the view of which is being blocked by the trees.
It doesn't matter what SDK's you have installed, I have about 6 or 7. Gets darn confusing when I need a specific one for whatever reason. What matters are your paths and these are in your MCX options. Man, you just got to make your options match and I think you got it, how simple is that. So far as all your models, meh, no big deal, I'm pretty sure. Once you gather them into a library you can export to the proper version then, if not, conversion is pretty quick and I believe you can indeed set up a batch conversion script. GL.


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What might or could can be changed within MCX is "how" and "which" SDK is to be used upon converting -- might need to be looked it by Arno (I believe Arno will be on vacation (or holiday) for at least another 2 weeks,... maybe something simpler in changing upon when making the mdl instead of having a "default" setting. For instance - If multiple SDK's have been installed choosing which is to be used at the time the Model is made.


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At least one of the screenshots shows you have objects exported for FSX, not P3D v2. FSX and P3D v2 objects can't be mixed in the same library BGL.

If you look in the MCX options where are the different XtoMDL paths pointed to? Since you have the FSX and P3D v2 SDK installed, I would expect that your P3D v2 XtoMDL path is empty and you would get an error when exporting to that sim (it would need the v2 or v3 SDK).