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JetWay FSX Model Help

I need a help... I built Jetway exactly as in video tutorial of the IKJetway, the finish I exported with ExportSkin without errors. When I put in the ADE to Jetway, nothing appear ( invisible) notice, I change the GUID in XML, but if I put as an "object" it appears normally but no animation. What is wrong if it was all exported correctly? I'm frustrated because I couldn't even see the animation, if worked or not.


Resource contributor
There might be something wrong with the jetway animation. Any modifications are not accepted by the export and there is no error during exporting.
Did you use bones animation? Bones animation will not show up if the part is not water tight. So the parts can't have any holes and must be a solid closed part.

Export your parts in groups until you find out which part is causing the issue!
Thanks, the problem was I converted to Editable Poly and the correct is Editable Mesh......