Jetways with 2 parking spots asiggned

Good day,

I don't know if it will be possible to implement this.

Some airports use the same jetway in 2 differents parking spots.

Barcelona parking spots in T1
Barcelona Maps pic
As you could see, there are some jetways attending the 216, 217 and 218 spots depending wich aircraft is parked.

Do you think SODE will allow this kind of config?

Thank you very much!
This is a tricky one and probably goes back to the sim rather than Sode. I’m guesing that config takes up 2 parking spots?
As in, if the A380 is on 217 then 216 and 218 cannot be used?
In the AFCAD you’ll need to choose to place parking spots for 216 and 218 OR only 217. Otherwise AI traffic will park on all 3 and it’ll look silly.

You could use a switcher so people can choose what AFCAD and Sode XML they load.

But otherwise, yes those jetways could all be tied to the 217 parking spot, provided they reach.

Unless Jeff has something he’s been cooking up...? :)