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Johannesburg FAJS shows up as East London Airport - AI Problem



I noticed that Johannesburg Airport is devoid of any AI in FSX. I am aware that the code changed in 2013 to FAOR, but the AI I am using still uses the FAJS code, which is also the code used in the sim. I noticed that AI Flight Planner seems to have some kind of a bug where any flightplans that have the FAJS code show it up as East London Airport (FAEL) (see attachment). When I open the Airport Editor, all the details also point it as being East London Airport, except ICAO code and coordinates, which are close to FAEL, but not quite. When I try to change these values to correspond to the actual location of FAJS airport, nothing changes and when I load the flightplan again, it still shows it as East London.

In the sim FAJS is empty but if I go to East London, I can see multiple aircraft in the air that are bound for FAJS. The aircraft start descending towards FAEL but they never initiate an approach or land at the airport. Instead, they start circling around the vicinity of the airport forever.

I have processed my flightplans through AIFP to adjust activity levels, which I believe has lead to the desertion of FAJS airport. I don't fly much in South Africa, but I remember that I did not use to have this problem before using AIFP.

I have tried a clean install of AIFP multiple times but it does not seem to work which lead me to believe this is just a bug. I could not find anything about this issue online. Why aren't my modifications saving and how can I change or force AIFP to just process FAJS as the actual Johannesburg Airport?


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Not sure, excepting somewhere you have the wrong entry for FAJS. This is mine, taken from AIFP V


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Thank you for this valuable information. I tried using AIFP on another computer with a relatively clean FSX install and AIFP shows FAJS correctly just like in your picture. So that means there is no bug in AIFP, instead the problem lies in my end. Now I have no idea what could be causing it though! You said I could have a wrong entry for FAJS, what does that mean? I have installed NMG FAJS scenery before (which does install a bit weirdly to be fair), but I could not replicate the problem on my other computer even when I tried installing the same scenery there. I have deleted NMG FAJS and all of its remnants from my FSX but nothing helps. And I have also never used any scenery for East London.

I copied the functional AirportList.dat from my other computer and for a brief moment AIFP showed FAJS correctly as Johannesburg when FSX was selected. Once I changed target sim version within AIFP to anything other than FSX, FAJS was automatically changed to East London again in all versions. I've attached a comparison with a working AirportList.dat from my other computer, and the bugged AirportList.dat from my main computer. That one has three entries for East London, with one of them incorrectly having the FAJS and FAOR code, the working one has just one East London entry with the correct code. I cannot seem to change this even manually and AIFP constantly just changes it back to East London, a bit frustrating and I have no idea why it does this!

Does AIFP store data anywhere outside the folder it's installed in? I've wiped the folder multiple times, running AIFP as admin etc. but it still always just ends up showing as East London even with a clean install and I'm wondering if there's some additional leftover data somewhere else that could be causing this.

Also, where does AIFP get its airport info from? The manual states it's from the AirportList.dat and that's what I've experimented with above but I feel like there's something else affecting this since even a clean install of AIFP won't help. It also seems to show the default bgl 0605\scenery\APX55410.bgl, which I've verified is the original .bgl from a clean FSX install. Does that bgl matter? Can other simulators and their scenery somehow affect what my AIFP shows for FSX? I should add that I have FS9, FSX, P3DV4, P3DV5 and MSFS2020 all currently installed on my system - could that many sims cause a conflict? The other computer has only FSX and FS2004 installed.


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