Just curious really

On my adventures through the fs files, I have grown accustom to most texture types, but the other day while I was doing a repaint for a freeware aircraft I came across a texture that was called r_fuse_L. I am use to the _lm suffix for night textures but never seen _L.
Are these native to AC only or are they used in scenery too? Also sorry if this is in the wrong category.
If someone would be so kind as to point out what this suffix is and what the textures are that would be great.
correct me if im wrong but i dont think the suffix has anything to do with the texture,like for some of my textures i dont have a _lm suffix or any suffix for my night maps


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Suffixes (sufi?) are conveniences assigned by the author and have no formal relationship to the sim whatsoever. A "_LM" suffixed texture is not a night texture until the artist has actually assigned the mapping and the simulator will not automatically do this procedure for any suffixes.


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As Rick stated,... the suffix really has nothing to do with what it is specifically. The only way to confirm what the author meant by the texture is by viewing it.
Oh believe me I understand the use of suffixes... Like fs does not require the _lm to be a night texture, It could simply be called "nighttexture". However These textures with _L as the suffix are different, in a way. Attached is Posky's 777 texture, simply brought into dxtbmp to see the alpha. Obviously it has something to do with night textures but... It's difficult to explain. In normal night textures, the diffuse is used as a base and you darken and add light spots to your desire. In the _L texture everything is black but the windows and the light splash from the wing mounted landing lights. Are these night textures different from standard night textures?


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Hello again...

There is nothing different,... they are still Light Map (LM) textures. There might be differences in the parameters used, but other than that there is nothing different about them.